Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

There’s nothing I love more than to combine my passion for beauty and travel together in one post. When a new launch provides that opportunity, you can bet that all other tasks get put aside so that I can work on it. Now when that post features a relaunch of an old favourite, well, it ended up being the first thing I did once I got home.

One of the most exciting new launches this season is the limited-edition launch of the GivenchyNoir Couture Mascara Couture Collection ($38, available here) which features the Noir Couture formula dressed up in all of its Couture glory in a nod to Fashion Week. The epitome of haute couture, innovative application and superlative formula in one tube, the GivenchyNoir Couture Mascara has been an under-rated high-end mascara that everyone needs to know about!

Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

Givenchy Noir Couture – Couture Collection

Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

Givenchy Noir Couture – Couture Collection New York, Paris, and Tokyo

The Couture Collection launch comprises of three limited-edition design of the GivenchyNoir Couture and Noir Couture Volume formulas. This is a collection that you do not want to miss if you are a fan of the original formula. Think of the Couture collection as a fashion show for the eyes and collectibles to add to your collection!

Before we jump into the limited edition packaging and what each one represents, let’s chat a little bit about the mascara and interesting wand applicator. When the Noir Couture mascara first hit the market, much of the discussion revolved around the 3 spherical brush that is the wand applicator. This unique design helps the 4-in-1 formula that thickens, lengthens, curls and magnifies last on and on and makes application a breeze. I know, it looks strange and not exactly beginner friendly, but it is – don’t let the look fool you!

Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

Givenchy Noir Couture Tri-Sphere Wand Featured in the Origina, New York, and Tokyo designs

The uneven, high-low spherical brushes means that it can coat all the lash hairs in one stroke, including those fine baby hairs that can be forgotten and missed with the traditional flat brush. The brush can also be used vertically where you use the tip of the brush to re-coat the hairs selectively (to prevent clumping) should you wish to achieve a more dramatic / finish. This wand applicator appears in the New York and Tokyo formula (The Tokyo design being the waterproof alternative) while the Paris tube has a conical brush with two types of fibre to enhance and protect the lashes.

The formula among the three remains to be one of the most impressive I’ve come across – as expected from a product that bears the Givenchy name and commands a premium price. The 4-in-1 formula lengthens my short lashes, thicken it while creating and holding a curl all day long without feeling heavy, looking spider-like or flaking after some time. The formula is a bit on the drier side so initially, your lashes may want to clump together. A trick I use to avoid this is to use a regular lash comb while the lashes are still wet, to separate them. The finished look is akin to wearing falsies (which I never do since I wear contact lenses and cannot be bothered to dedicate the time to applying it).

If you’re a fan of this mascara wand, don’t throw it away after you have finished the tube! Simply clean it with some hot water, sanitize with some rubbing alcohol, rinse thoroughly with hot water to remove the alcohol (repeat this step several times until you’re happy!) so you can use the brush with other mascara formula’s too!

Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

Givenchy Noir Couture – Couture Collection New York, Paris, and Tokyo

Worldwide Couture | Givenchy Noir Couture.

Givenchy Noir Couture – Couture Collection Packaging – New York, Paris, and Tokyo

The three cities represented in this incredible collection are New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

The New York ($38, available here) design celebrates the New York Fashion week with a tribute to the stars and strips design. The formula is perfect for a naturally elegant look. The Tokyo ($38, available here) design incorporates the elegant and beautiful white, and delicate baby’s breath flowers that will remind you the sophisticated Japanese culture. The Tokyo design features a waterproof version of the original Noir Couture formula. The last design in this collection is a tribute to the Paris Fashion Week ($38, available here), featuring (and I can’t help to think that Givenchy heavily favoured its home country!) an enhanced, volumizing version of the original formula. This particular formula features two types of fibre, and two-toned conical brush (as opposed to the iconic spheres in the other designs) which creates instant volume while nourishing and protecting the lashes.

This has been, undoubtedly, a very photogenic collection to share with you! Which city / formula would you try out first?

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Ah, this packaging is gorgeous! Love the retro feel. I’ve yet to try Givenchy mascara, but I’m tempted ????

They were the mascara that started it for me! I would have never tried high end mascara’s until I tried these ????

I want these just for the packaging! I haven’t tried anything Givenchy yet, but it looks so luxe!

The brand is so under the radar for most people! Hopefully I’ve shed some light on their luxe mascaras!

Gosh these are stunning. I would be all over that Paris version!

Right? Love that design ????

The packaging is just lovely! And the brushes are so unique as well ????

omg that packaging <3

I agree ???? Such a collectible!

The packaging is gorgeous – I’ve never tried Givenchy mascaras but these look fabulous ????
– Ambar x

Thanks! I agree – the packaging is so so unique ????

The givenchy packaging is always amazing! Whether it’s super girly with the florals, more trendy like these, or minimalistic, they always hit it out of the park. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from the brand, but I’m always so tempted.

Katherine || The Green Bows

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