Gifts for the Travelista for all Budgets.

We’re doing Secret Santa at work this year, and since my giftee is someone much older than me and (I’m over 200% sure) has done his share of travelling, I was in a bit of a pickle. What do I get someone who’s had a tons of experience abroad that’s 1) thoughtful, 2) functional, 3) under $20, and 4) is something guaranteed he will enjoy and appreciate? It doesn’t help that he is way more senior in title than me (so I’d like to leave a positive lasting impression thank you very much!) but shows that I’m not in it to “look good” either!

I spent an entire weekend thinking about it when it struck me that we already share a passion for travelling! I decided to look up a couple of travel-related potential gift ideas and came up with a ton to share with you. Here are a couple of ideas to get your thoughts and shopping list started (if you haven’t already!) – with prices ranging from as little as $10, you don’t have to blow your entire budget to impress!
+ Luckies Of LondonScratch Map ($21.95 – $32.95, available here)
Any travelista would scream with joy upon opening this gift, and what better way to commemorate and record their travel adventures than scratching it off one city / country at a time? Each country is coloured differently underneath and there are some neat facts that you can scratch off at the bottom of the map. I have one and I framed it up in my bedroom so I can tell how many countries I’ve conquered thus far. Although the state and provincial lines aren’t drawn out (so it’s really hard to only scratch off the cities you’ve been to!) it is still a lovely reminder in my hallway that reminds me each day of how much I’ve accomplished as a solo female traveller!

The scratch map is available in 2 sizes: Small (2″ x 13″) and Large (23″ x 32″) and is available in a deluxe version, with a black background.

+ Fuji FilmFuji Instax Mini ($99.99, available here)
In today’s super-digital world where you can snap HD pictures from a tiny little device that is no bigger than the size of your palm (like the GoPro) and edit, and filter the heck out of it, the old-school, bulky instant camera’s are making a total come back! These days its so interesting to the film fully develop and it’s such a unique way of recording a memory in its truest sense. A neat idea would be to take these films, and compile a beautiful garland around the Christmas tree or to hang in the bedroom to remind them of their favourite shots!

+ Ban.doI Am Very Busy 2016 17-Month Planner ($24, available here)
Is the recipient of your gift a superhuman in secret? They are always on the go – juggling a 9am-9pm job, have an active social life, a healthy lifestyle, but still manages to fit in a little adventure here and there? Why not get them something cheeky so they can plan their trips and day-to-day errands and of course, their adventure planning so much better? I have one of these planners that I always put out at work, and it never fails to stop people and start a conversation!

+ Lonely PlanetTravel Books (Non-Guide books)
A beautiful coffee book will never fail to impress the recipient and despite its physical size, is a thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting impression. One particular publication continues to catch my eye because I hadn’t known they have been publishing beautiful non-guide books: Lonely Planet! Once you see the list of titles from Lonely Planet, I guarantee you will want to pick up a title for yourself! A testament to this would be my friends and co-workers who are already requesting these books as their Secret Santa, and housewarming gifts (I’m sorry I enabled them!!) when I showed them these titles.

Check out the Lonely PlanetWild World ($53.99, available here), a compilation of breathtaking pictures from all corners of the globe, of our Earth’s temperament. As the book aptly puts it, even “billions of years after it was forged, it’s still a wild world”. With its striking black cover, and impressive size, this book will not disappoint. It makes for a beautiful coffee table book that will guarantee to be a conversation starter.

If the recipient is someone who likes to check things off their list, check out the Lonely PlanetUltimate Travelist ($33.99, available here) and the Lonely PlanetYou Only Live Once ($40.99, available here). Both books are a compilation of lists of places and things to do on your next adventures!

The first title, Lonely PlanetUltimate Travelist is a compilation of the 500 best places to visit on Earth from the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, all the way to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The world is a beautiful place and when I read this book, I am jotting down ideas, and marking things off with a post it note so I remember to book this adventure abroad.

The second title, Lonely PlanetYou Only Live Once is list of adventures to check off for those who are Indiana Jones at heart. Divided into 5 chapters, it captures things you can do within an hour, a day, a week, a month to a year. Conquer a language, build a cabin, take a chopper and creating your own night to remember, this is one that will please all ages!

+ Chapters or Etsy:A Frame-able Travel Print
There are no limits to where and how you can get your hands on a lovely print that can be hung on the wall. My sister got me one last Christmas and it remains to be one of my favourite gifts to day! A DIY version that I saw my friend did is to take a map of their favourite city, and frame it! It doesn’t sound like much, but it looks so kickass and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

I recommend checking out Etsy or Chapters if you live in Canada, for printable, and ready-to-hang prints that will dazzle and impress!

In the end, I bought my Secret Santa recipient a Lonely Planet title, called Best in 2016 ($19.99, available here), a compilation of 2016’s best destinations! I came just under budget and still gave him a lovely and thoughtful book that he can reference to for this trip planning 2016.

There are plenty more practical and for someone always on the go and I may do a post on that soon!

What other gift ideas would you gift to a travelista?

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I’m such a travelista myself that all your picks tickle my fancy! A scratch map is such a cool idea, I’d never heard of one before, thanks for sharing.

Sally ~ DiagonSally

That’s awesome to hear Sally!! Glad that the map inspired you!

I love the idea of a scratch map, I hadn’t really heard of then until this year but they seem like such a great idea for someone who travels a lot to keep track of where they’ve been and where they want to go.

It feels so empowering to scratch off one city at a time!

Neat post! OH gosh anything from is gorgeous as well as the whole entire stationary collection from Chapters/Indigo!

Thanks Whitney!! I am obsessed with Chapters – probably a bad idea since I live so close to one!

The map is awesome! I wish it were a bit cheaper!

I agree – but Indigo often hosts a sale so you might be able to pick it up for a little less!

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