ELF Studio Complexion Brush and Blush Brush | Review.

If you have purchased ELF products before, you will know that most of them can be a big hit or miss. At one point in my early days dabbing into makeup, I was obsessed with their super low price point, and occasional product hits, particularly those from the ELF Studio Line. I’ve only made one ELF haul from the website (way back in 2010) because shipping to Canada is quite pricey at $14.95 (Although there is a PayPal loophole that lets you pay $6.95, which is the standard shipping to the US) and managed to hit the lucky jackpot with two of the brushes that I ordered.

Whilst I’ve used up or thrown out (because they were broken) most of the products from that haul, these two passed the test of time and truly have lasted a good 4 years. It’s worth noting that these $3 brushes outlasted my Sigma Makeup brushes. The amazing brushes that I am referring to are the Studio Complexion Brush ($3) and the Studio Blush Brush ($3).

ELF Studio Complexion Brush and Blush Brush

All ELF Studio Line brushes feature an all-over black ensemble, from the handles, ferrules, and the bristles. The first signs of my brushes breaking apart is usually when the ferrules start getting lose, and after that, it is only a matter of time before the entire thing splits in half. Unlike my other brushes, the ferrules on these have stayed intact and the hairs are still picking up the products well. The general quality of the brush is a bit on the low-end side, as expected with this brand; both are slightly scratchy when used directly after washing but it’s not so bad that these are typically the first brushes I reach for and the first ones to get dirty.

I typically use the complexion brush as a blush brush because it fits the shape of my face really well. Holding the Complexion Brush on an angle to apply my blush seems to be the most fool-proof way for me so as to not overdo the blush. I use the ELF blush brush as a countouring brush, and angling the brush as I apply the product allows me deposit the product in the crevice of the nose and hollows of the cheek easily.

Both ELF Studio brushes have held up well over countless washes, and have never shed or bled during the 4 years that I’ve owned them. I realize that these brushes are the better quality in the batch so I cannot truly recommend this product due to that variability. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive brush that will do the job on a daily basis and you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and put that ELF order through!
Where to Buy: ELF website, Target, Walgreens and the Dollar Store ($3).

Have you tried any ELF Studio brushes? What do you think of them? Do you have any recommendations? Share with us in the comment section below!

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