EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush for BB/CC Cream | Review.


With the many variety of BB/CC creams that we have in the market, it was only a matter of time when a brush designed specifically for applying those types of cream becomes available. The EcoToolsSkin Perfecting Brush for BB/CC Cream ($9.99, available here) is a budget-friendly brush that you can rely on if you have it in your arsenal.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the size – I was actually initially disappointed because I personally found the size to be more suitable as a concealer brush rather than a foundation, all-over-the-face type of brush. After playing around with it, I was quite pleasantly surprised that you can make this brush work depending on the consistency of the product you are using.

When used with a light, liquid-y complexion product, the brush will soak up so much of the product, you will probably regret spending the money on the brush. The thicker, and “denser” the consistency and texture of the product is (an example is the RoC Multi-Correxion 5-in-1 BB Cream), the more effective the brush is at applying the product evenly without soaking all of it up in the bristles.

One surprising use that I’ve found with to be highly effective with this brush is to apply powder under the eyes. The slanted angle of the brush deposits the product easily and evenly without disturbing the eye or face makeup around it.



The brush feels scratchy when you stipple on the skin, but stroking the product on the skin seems to deliver a better result in terms of the application and overall finish. The application is a lot more even and was better than I expected with a regular brush or my fingers.

Where to Buy: FarleyCo, Ulta, Walmart ($9.99)

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I still haven’t tried this (woops) but I like the idea of it. I tend to just use my fingers to apply foundation, though I know that’s not very hygenic…

more interesting, like this! thanks!!!

Thanks for the post! I haven’t tried this brush yet so it’s good to know

Made in Mauve

I had the same problem of the brush absorbing product when the liquid is very thin. Very good for thick concealers/foundations though!! Also, I like using it as a blush brush!

Hmmm, based on this I think I’ll skip it, thanks for the honest review!

Thanks for the review girl! Good to know.

While it sounds nice for certain products, I don’t think me and that brush would get along! Thanks for the honest review though!

Thank you for the post! I haven’t tried this brush yet.

Hope you like it ????

I agree, I found that watery BB creams and foundations don’t work well at all with this brush, so basically anything offering light coverage! I’ve actually been using this as a cream blush brush – it works great with the MUFE HD blushes.

That’s a great alternative! I haven’t tried it as a blush brush – great idea!

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