Credit Card Binge Part 2 – Spring Beauty Haul 2014

Following my post last week on my credit card binge at Sephora, I am now sharing with you the rest of my spring beauty haul. As I mentioned, last month’s haul was insanely huge and I think my credit card has taken a fairly good beating. I don’t normally like to post hauls because let’s face it, no one really needs to know how much I spend on makeup every month. But I realize that I’ve been doing so many review posts, and that you guys tend to like haul posts as well, so here it is!

My purchases from MAC was largely unintended. I picked up a blush, the MACLovecloud Blush ($25, available here) which was first released as part of the Tres Cheek Collection. It was a beautiful blush and I am so stoked to see this part of the permanent range. A beautiful almost blue-based pink that looks natural even on warmer skintone.

I also purchased the number one, must-have brush on everyone’s list, the MAC 217 Brush ($28.50, available here). I picked this up strictly for research purposes mainly because I have heard only good things about it, but never felt like spending $30 on a brush alone. However, I feel that I’ve tried enough MAC 217 dupes to do a review but I’ve never actually owned and used a MAC 217, so hence this brush is strictly for comparison purposes.

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel had a pretty decent promotion in March, including a showstopper set which I managed to grab before it sold out. The first thing I picked up was the It CosmeticsBye Bye Under Eye Concealer and Brush Duo ($29, available here). Individually, each product retails for $29, which meant that this duo would have costed me $58. I was lucky that I managed to pick it up not only at the awesome price of $29, but when it was on sale (15% off) and they also allowed me to tack on the St. Patrick Discount (17%) off. The shipping and taxes that I had to pay killed the deal, and brought my total back up again, but I was quite happy that I paid just around $30 for the brush and concealer duo.

The Showstopper item which I also purchased was from It Cosmetics CC Beautiful Skin 4-Piece Collection. It was on sale at the time for $69.95 but as I was checking out, the price dropped to $49.99. The set included four items:

  • Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in Light
  • Tightline Waterproof Full Mascara
  • CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss in Love
  • Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush

Considering that the CC cream itself retails for $38, this set was an incredible deal. It’s like getting the other three items (all full-sized) for free! I believe this set was valued at over $100 for all the items included.

Drug Store


Shoppers Drug Mart is the boss when it comes to personalized coupons – seriously. They know my shopping habits better than myself. After receiving several personalized email/mail coupons, I decided to channel my inner Extreme Couponer and went all out. I think I did well – one of my grocery haul costed me $0.33 on $20 worth of stuff (BOSS!)

I picked up so many stuff that maybe I should have done a video instead. I’ll the items I picked out here:

  • QuoLuxury Cotton Pad ($7.50), dupe for the ShiseidoFacial Cotton ($11, available here)
  • got2bSmooth Operator Lustre Lotion ($9-10, available here)
  • Essence CosmeticsStay Matte Lip Cream in Velvet Rose, Silky Red, and Berry Smoothie ($2.99)
  • RimmelApocalips Lip Lacquer in Phenomenon and Aurora ($9.99)
  • MaybellineColor Show Lip Elixir in Rose Redefined ($10.99)
  • L’OrealSublime Micellar Water ($15.99)

The L’Oreal Sublime Micellar Water ($15.99) is the closest thing I’ve found to the Bioderma Micellar Water. Without any sale/discount, this thing is EXPENSIVE! Like, $15.99 for a 200mL bottle which works out to be more expensive than the 500mL version of the Bioderma Micellar Water. Anyways, spotted this on sale for $7.99 (half price guys, HALF. PRICE!) at Shoppers, and I went all out. And bought 8 bottles (it was because of the coupon offer from Shoppers!! Something along the line of spend $50 and get 18,500 points. I cannot say no to that!) Granted, I bought them from my local Shoppers Drug Mart, so no worries I’m sure there were plenty left at other locations.

That has been an insanely long haul post. Now, it’s your turn! What have been your recent purchases? What have you purchased recently?

Wow! That’s a fun haul though!! ???? The Micellar water is soooo expensive when it’s not on sale! Glad you picked up so many bottles! haha ????
I really enjoyed reading your haul actually… you take such good pics! ????
As you know, i am basically obsessed with WnW lipsticks! LOL Nothing glamorous but still fun to collect. ????

Thank you Jen! I always feel like I’m sharing my too much shopping habits can scare some people away ???? I agree with you though – their colour shades/range is quite amazing!

Wow, those are some great purchases! Even though you spent a lot, you also got a LOT of products so I think it’s all worth it ????
I haven’t tried any of the products in your haul, except for the got2b lustre lotion. It smells delicious, but for me there wasn’t anything else that stood out ???? Hopefully it works better for you!

Thanks Jenny! I always feel so bad splurging on so much but when I sit down and do the math, it does help justify the entire haul ????

Great haul! Id love to see a review on the it cosmetics concealer! I’ve never tried anything from their company before. I cant believe you bought so many of the Loreal Micellar! :p Im not sure I like it actually, I think it may have broken me out but I wasnt sure >.< do love the price though (at Walmart :p its regularly around $10/$11).

I love the L’Oreal Miceller so much – I’m trying to ration it until they have another sale! I’ve seen them at Walmart as well and wished that I could print that coupon from the website for another $2 off ???? I’ll definitely try to have that review asap!

So many nice picks! Loving the look of that MAC foundation and the foundation brush especially ????

I haven’t cracked them open yet but I’m excited to play around with them soon ????

yay haulling! lol. do it for the rest of us who can’t (or at least shouldnt’..) i quite want to try out those matte essence lip things. Liz (Beauty Reductionista) was ravin about them so hard….difficult to resist.

Thanks Jenn haha ???? I really shouldn’t shop anymore but let’s face it, that’s why we beauty bloggers are around! The Essence stay matte lip creams though are so worth collecting! At $3 a piece, they are so so good for the value you’re getting!

awwwwwesome haul ???? Can’t wait to hear about those IT goodies…also, I’d love to hear you thoughts on the essence lippies!

I am so excited to play around with them too ???? It’s my first foray into the IT Cosmetics beauty world! So excited for them!

I almost CHOKED when you said you bought 8 bottles….QURL???!?!?!??
Imma live vicariously through your hauls. I’m trying to curb my spending so I have enough $$ to spend overseas BUT MAN HAS YOUR WALLET TAKEN A BEATING. (Also, ‘Lovecloud’ is such a cute name AND THE SHADE ITSELF IS SO CUTE [I’ve just googled swatches])

OOo I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the Quo cotton pads! I’ve tried the Shiseido cotton pads but there’s just no way I’m paying $11 for a pack of COTTON PADS!

Yep yep! Plus, Quo is always on sale too so you get to save more money using the awesome Shiseido dupes ????

a great haul
been wanting to try a cc cream

Ooh I’ve been wanting to try the Rimmel Apocalips range for a while. Let me know what you think of them! Are they worth picking up?


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