Bioderma Discovery Kits.

Forget bar-hopping or condo-crawl, I spent an entire Saturday Shoppers Drug Mart-hopping. Yeah, I’m that cool girlfriend you always want to have around.

If there’s anything I want you to take away from this post though, is that if you see any one of these sets at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, grab at least two because you will regret it otherwise!

While browsing through the CBB Facebook page, I noticed that someone had posted about a limited edition Bioderma trial set. For only $6.95, that got me to spend an entire Saturday Shoppers Drug Mart-hopping. As soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to start writing this post PSA, so that hopefully you can take advantage of it as well!

Bioderma Discovery Kits.

Bioderma Discovery Kits.

Bioderma Discovery Kits.

Bioderma Discovery Kits.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect as I got to maximize the amount of Optimum points earned, and saved money by purchasing these sets! This was because 1) Shoppers Drug Mart was running Optimum points events that weekend (Spend $75 and earn 18,500 Optimum points), 2) the Bioderma range was on sale for 20% off and 3) there was a Bioderma Optimum Offer (more on that later) to boot! All in all, my entire Shoppers Drug Mart/Bioderma haul netted me $200 worth of Bioderma products, for only $80 (including taxes) and earned me 22K in Optimum points.

Bioderma has released 2 “discovery kits” that includes 3 travel-friendly, trial-sized items aptly called the Hydration Discovery Kit and the Flawless Skin Discovery Kit. Each kit retails for $6.95 (the price of a single 100ml mini Bioderma Micelle solution) and includes a $5 coupon for future purchases. It was such a great deal that I ended up picking up 4 to gift and keep!

Bioderma Hydration Discovery Kit – $33 Value

bBioderma Discovery Kits.

This kit is most likely going to be the more popular of the two – it features the #1 best-selling Micelle solution and hydrating serum and moisturizer to get your skin ready for the winter months ahead. The Hydration Discovery set comes with three items and a $5 coupon.

  1. Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – 100ml ($6.95-26.95, available here)
  2. Hydrabio Moisturizing Serum – 15ml ($42.95, available here)
  3. Hydrabio Light Cream – 5ml ($33.95, available here
  4. $5 coupon towards future purchase ($25 minimum on regular price Bioderma products)

Bioderma Flawless Skin Discovery Kit – $22 Value

bioderma-discovery-kits-3The Bioderma Flawless Skin Discovery Kit is likely more suitable for those who struggle with enlarged pores or blackheads. It’s a range that definitely targets those with oily skin although it is not marketed explicitly as such. The set includes 3 products and a $5 coupon:

  1. Sebium H2O Purifying Micelle Solution – 100ml ($6.95-26.95)
  2. Sebium Pore Refiner – 15ml ($29.95, available here)
  3. Sebium Global – 5ml ($22.95, available here)
  4. $5 coupon towards future purchase ($25 minimum on regular price Bioderma products)

I am so thrilled to see these sets despite the effort it took to locate them! They are perfect to replenish my travel-ready skincare stash. If you live near or plan to visit a Shoppers Drug Mart soon, keep your eyes peeled for them – they are worth every all 695 pennies!

Bioderma Discovery Kits.

Earlier, I referred to a Shoppers Optimum offer on these Bioderma products that netted me a great value! I believe it is only valid in-store as I couldn’t locate the offer on the Beauty Boutique website and it is worth finding a Shoppers Drug Mart that has this offer running. With a $30 purchase of any Bioderma products, you will receive a full-size gift of the 250ml Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution ($19.95, available here)! That is a $20 value for a $30 purchase and one I simply could not resist getting especially since it’s my holy grail cleanser and toner!

What do you think of these Bioderma Discovery Kits? Which of the two would you purchase?

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