8 Blogging Things I do Every Week.

I’m always so very curious about how bloggers manage their blogging priorities when we are all balancing a full-time job during the day. For most, there’s also a family obligations involved, so it’s not always so easy to take the time to sit down, blog, and do all the other behind-the-background-things that doesn’t get talked about.

I used to write my blogging to-do list in my daily planner, and it got too long, so I purchased a separate planner for blogging. Currently, my 2016 Kate Spade planner ($38, available here) is my blogging planner, and the ban.doI’m Very Busy ($24, available here) is my daily one.


If you’re a blogger, or just plain curious about what happens in the background, here are the 8 things I do every week, behind the scenes!

  1. Reply to blog post comments
  2. Follow at least 1 blog / day and leave at least 5 blog comments / day
  3. Proofread next week’s blog posts
  4. Review, and re-validate any broken links / images / outdated information on published blog posts
  5. Check and file this week’s emails (making sure no PR or blog sale emails are missed)
  6. Take a batch of photos over the weekend
  7. Prepare social media content for the following week (Instagram posts, Twitter, etc)
  8. Back up blog database/images

If you are a blogger, what are your weekly to-do list?

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