Sephora | VIB Sale 2013.

It took me a while to finally get my Sephora VIB Sale up because I was waiting for my online order to arrive. Now that I’ve finally got all my shopping and online order together, I’m really excited to share my Sephora VIB Sale 2013 buys. My shopping got a bit out of control this time around because I hadn’t spent enough money in the first 3/4 of the year to re-qualify as a VIB. That gave me the perfect excuse to do a bit shopping this time around to re-qualify since I didn’t want to start from scratch next year.

The best thing about the sale at this time of the year is that it coincides with the release of new holiday sets. These sets tend to have better value especially if you are looking to try different varieties of products without breaking the bank. This sale was also the perfect time to get started with the holiday shopping, especially at a 20% discount!


Sephora Favorites Super Stars Set, my review

The first item I picked up was from Yorkdale Mall, and it was the Sephora FavoritesSuper Stars Set ($89, I’ve written extensively about this set already and you can check it out here. I purchased the set and actually ended up buying several backups so I can split the content to gift to my friends and family. These holiday sets are great because you can split the content and gift different items to different people who have different beauty likes. For example, for my mom who has mature skin, and is no longer into makeup anymore, I plan on gifting the eye cream, perfume rollerball and argan oil so she can pamper herself at home. As for my sister who always slips into my room to play with my collection of nail polishes, I plan on gifting her the nail polish and hairspray (so she can get into makeup!) This set gives me so many combination of gift ideas that my family and friends are guaranteed to love!

I also picked up backups of my favourite skincare serum of the moment. Ole HenriksenEnlighten Me Pigment Lightening Serum ($60, Fortunately, these were on sale/clearance and I got both for a 1/3 of the regular retail price including taxes. I purchased this as part of a value set a while back and liked it enough to repurchase at full-size. I also bought a backup of the Yves Saint LaurentGolden Gloss ($36, These YSL lip glosses are pure luxury – they contain real gold flecks in them! These were definitely the splurges of my entire haul.


Too Faced All I Want For Christmas; stay tuned for a review!

I also picked up the Too FacedAll I Want For Christmas ($54, a set that I was very excited to get my hands on as it contains 6 handpicked products, three of which are full-sized. I am really excited to play around with it – I will definitely have a review coming up shortly. One thing I do have to mention right away though is how much I love the aqua gold chevron print theme on the makeup bag.

It has become a tradition to repurchase and try out new foundations during the VIB sale. I picked up one new foundation, and a backup of my favourites (in the correct shades this time!) I bought the Urban DecayNaked Ultra Definition Complexion Foundation ($45, because I’ve heard so many great things about how lightweight and natural this foundation feels.

I also received several VIB totes which I think I’ll be giving away since I’m not a big fan of the design. The ladies at Yorkdale (Yvonne and Olivia) were so sweet and provided me with a number of gift boxes, and gift pillows (a couple of designs are shown here) which have very festive holiday design on them – perfect for putting gifts under the tree.

Overall this was a very expensive but worthwhile haul. I kept the spending realistic in terms of products that I would actually finish as opposed to buying products because “they are amazing value” but might take some time to get through. There were so many items that I wanted to pick up aside from these wile I was browsing Sephora, but I am glad that I held back and only purchased whatever was necessary.

What about you? What did you pick up from Sephora?

Gah, so jealous of your haul *___* In a way I’m kinda glad I’m not a VIB, or else I probably wouldn’t be able to control myself with all those amazing products out there! Though I have way too many blushes, I’d love to add NARS Angelika to my collection, the color is absolutely stunning!

Aww! Definitely, being a VIB has its perks and not so awesome perks such as the fact that I am now SO TEMPTED to get to to VIB Rouge ????

Great haul. I didn’t make VIB this year which was a little bit of a shock. I didn’t even come close… But a friend was nice enough to share her discount with me. I love Nars Sin. Probably one of my fav blushes, it’s just so pretty on. I have in my Danmari and thought it would be my least used blush but it’s one I use the most! The Sephora Super Star set definitely seems like a great deal, and what a great idea, splitting the contents for gifts. Great stocking stuffers too!

Thank you Fannie ???? I wish I had the Danmari palette – it’s been on my wishlist for a while, and I kept hoping the Guy Bourdin would make up for it, but definitely missed a couple of points there!

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