tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette | Review.

Missing out on last year’s TarteOff the Cuff palette was somewhat intentional – I convinced myself that I don’t really need another blush palette and succeeded. Continuing on the palette’s success from last year, tarte has introduced this year’s version, the tartePin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette ($50, available here), a 5-pc blush palette that will set any blush fanatics’ hearts aflutter. Aside from being a fantastic value for the buck, tarte’s blushes are legendary. I talked about how much I loved the blushes featured in the Eyes/Cheek palette, and I knew this time around, I couldn’t miss this fabulous palette.

$50 may sound like quite a bit of money to spend on a palette but trust me, you won’t regret this one!


Bottom Line [5/5]: Excellent value for the price. Great colours that work on different skintones. Tarte’s legendary blushes at a fraction of the price for those who are value-conscious.


Featured in the palette are five strips of blushes, with 0.158oz per strip. The total estimated value according to Sephora is C$132, however my calculation indicates that the value is overstated (my figure comes out to C$122.45). The colours in the shade are brand new, although they are not incredibly unique by any means. Somewhere in your collection, there is probably a shade similar to the ones featured here.

I won’t lie, the pins included are so much nicer than last year’s cuffs – at least they are functional! I also have to mention how lovely the gold/violet floral exterior is. What would be amazing is that if this Parisian inspired clutch could actually be worn on its own (i.e. remove the blush pans inside the clutch) because it is quite a stunner!


How the palette compares to another Tarte clutch palette

Even if the colours are similar to the ones you already own, this palette is still quite an amazing value. If you purchase this with the 20% off during the VIB/VIB Rouge sale, the cost per blush works out to be only $8.40. Even if purchased at regular price, the blush will set you back $10 per shade which I think makes it a fairly competitive item in terms of the price point relative to drugstore brands.

For those of you who have been wanting to try some of Tarte’s incredibly popular clay-infused blushes, this is an amazing way to try a couple of shades without having to purchase them separately. Furthermore, this palette is perfect for anyone who’s just starting out with makeup or is looking to expand their collection without the price tag. The case is guaranteed to be a conversation starter, and the mirror inside is very functional and perfect for a palette like this.


(L-R): Breathless (pinky beige), Embraced (plummy rose), Whimsy (light pink), Bashful (rosy peach), Irreplaceable (mauve rose)

Needless to say, the quality of the blushes are on-point. There’s nothing to dislike here – the colours are perfect for everyday wear – none of them are too ostentatious, and they appear to be suitable for women of colours as well. The blushes are pigmented, and the texture/ease of blendability just blew other palettes out of the water. Basically, this is a palette that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to whoever just purchased it (or receiving one!)

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried or planning to purchase the tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

yea though your’e a fan, i’m not in favour of the bulkier clutch this year nor the pattern. i missed out on the one lsat year too. same as you, convinced myself i didn’t need it but i wish i had gotten that one instead of this. i haven’t tested mine out yet though so i might just be converted anyways. i bored vanessa’s last years palette and loved it.

A Beautiful Zen

Ohh! Wow, I don’t know how you managed NOT to cave 2 years in a row! You gotta teach me your tricks! I did like last year’s blush assortment better than this year’s, but oh well…

Ah, this palette truly is beautiful! I was able to pass on it, as the Hourglass blush palette called to me louder, but this really is an amazing pick ????

Ohh dear! I did end up picking both didn’t I? I feel less guilty about purchasing this one because it’s worth so much money without being too cray expensive like the Hourglass blush is!

YOU LIKE THE PACKAGING???? LIES (jks) (I’m seriously inclined to rip the whole thing apart and depot all the Tarte palette shades into a z palette or something similar)
I’m glad you’re loving this! I’m biased and think this is obviously a better buy than the Hourglass one–though I’m pretty sure people are more drawn to the Hourglass palette because of the brand name and the packaging. Poor Tarte.

ME TOO! Vanessa, ME TOO! As I mentioned earlier, I feel less guilty about buying this one (Hey, this one actually SOLD OUT online, whereas the Hourglass blush palette didn’t! So there ya go!) than the Hourglass one!

$50 is SUCH good value for 5 tarte blushes! I’ve wanted to try one for aaaggess so this palette looks really awesome! Not a fan of the packaging tbh, I’d prefer an actual palette packaging but it looks cute I guess!

I’m glad you feel that way too! I suppose you’re right, the packaging is not very functional/versatile for traveling or storage. But hey, it looks pretty!

I thought this was an insane value! I missed out on last year’s palette, so I jumped on this one! I honestly can’t stop using it; soooooooooo gorgeous! My only complaint was that they were a tad bit powderier than my other tarte blushers…weird, but whatever!

You know, I ended up with a tarte blush that was all chalky (maybe a bad batch!?) I thought it was the end of my relationship with the brand. Now, I can’t get enough of it!

I own one Tarte blush in True Love which is a watermelon shade and love it! I find blush palettes are amongst the best to buy as you have the opportunity to try a lot of shades for a reasonable price. This one is no exception! Lucky you!

Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

Thanks Alex! I had some pretty bad experience with the older Tarte blush batches being too dry and chalky so I’m excited to try these amazing quality blushes that everyone raves about!

That pallet is so pretty, usu full too

Such a cool (and much coveted) palette. Unfortunatelly living in Greece makes it quite complicated (if not impossible) to get my mittens on Tarte products ????

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