Tarte Eye & Cheek Palette | Review.

Recently, Sephora had a summer sale with tons of products discounted up to 50% or more. When I saw the TarteAmazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette ($55, sephora.ca), the beauty blogger in me had clicked on Checkout, faster than I could have said “I don’t need another one”. Originally priced at $55, and then discounted to $29, the palette features 2 strips of blushes (each about 1/4 of the full-size), and 6 full-sized eyeshadows, making each product cost a mere $3.63!

Tarte Eye & Cheek Palette | Review.

Bottom Line [5/5]: Excellent combination of colours and universally-flattering blushes. High quality products. Excellent value for the price (even better at the sale price!)

Encased in a stylish, faux-leather, snakeskin-patterned clutch, this clutch is great travel piece. Tarte always does colour combination best, and I wasn’t surprised to be immediately head over heels with the colours and the combination of matte and shimmer finishes, perfect for day or evening wear. One thing that distinguishes Tarte from other brands is that their products are infused with skin-loving amazonian clay, which not only improves the product’s performance, but also beautify your skin at the same time. Read more about Tarte’s skin-vigorating ingredients here!

For Canadian readers, Tarte now ships to Canada – shipping is free for orders over $75! If you missed out on any Tarte products (that were on sale) at Sephora, you might be able to find it on their sale page!

Tarte Eye & Cheek Palette | Review.

Last year, I missed out on the blush palette which was released for the holiday (Off the Cuff, $50), and regretted it ever since. This palette made up for it though – the two blushes included, Free and Exposed are colours every girl need to have! The shades are universally flattering and imparts the loveliest, and natural-looking finish on your skin. I believe the shade Free is exclusive to this palette as I could not find that shade on sephora.ca. Exposed is one of the most popular permanent shade, which you can purchase separately for $31 at Sephora. At 1/4 of the full-size, these blushes are worth approximately $7.75 each or $15.50 for both. The blushes are easy to blend, and the texture is soft, yet still very pigmented without much fallout.

Routine Redefined

Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette: Free and Exposed Blushes// Tame, Rare, Rope, Camo, Canopy, Tribal

The eyeshadows take this palette into a whole another ballgame. While at first glance the colours almost look dull, my first swatch gave me the most pleasant surprise. Not only are the colours so soft, but the pigmentation and ease of blending just made these eyeshadows great to work with. As soon as I saw the palette in person, I was really surprised to learn that the eyeshadows are full-sized too, so no chance of you running out of your favourite colours quickly!

Product/Value Breakdown

The blushes are 1/4 of the original full-size ($31), so each one is worth $7.75 (or $15.50 for both). Individually, the eyeshadows cost $20, so all 6 in this palette is worth $120. Overall, this palette is worth a hefty $135.50!

Combining the beautiful, unique colours, and quality ingredients, you have the perfect combination for a stylish, high-quality palette that will last you a very long time. Tarte makes some really awesome value sets, particularly when combining their very popular blushes, and high-quality eyeshadows, so if you see this on the sale section again, snatch it up immediately!

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

I have this palette, too, and totally agree that it’s great! I love that they eyeshadows can be used any which way you like – they all mix and match effortlessly. Such a pretty package, as well.

What a great palette!
I am actually a very big fan of tarte’s original blush (it is dc’d then replaced by the Amazonian) which got me interested in the brand to begin with. tarte does some really nice pressed powder formulations.
This palette is composed in such a neat and useful way. Love the cool complex taupe with purple hues!

I’ve never tried the older range – I’ve only tried Tarte after learning about their Amazonian clay blushes! The purple shades are so unique and different than the ones I already own!

I thought the same way about the eyeshadows but once I saw the swatches I loved them ..
I dislike the blushes though .. I prefer blushes to be in a compact alone to avoid messiness .
Trust me I’ve tried blushes that come in a palette with other products and I can’t describe the messiness :/

I haven’t thought about it that way! I’ve always preferred less clutter and this one made sense. Though I agree how annoying it can be to get blush shades on your eyelids!

Exposed is one of my favorite blush colors to wear in the colder months! I am glad you were able to grab it in that lovely palette.

I adore that shade as well though it didn’t look as flattering on me as those with lighter skintones! I’ll have to look into other shades from Tarte now!

Oh that is pretty. I just got the Away Oui Go Set while in the USA and I am in love….now I am seriously thinking of this one too….you make it look so nice.

Aw, thanks! I haven’t seen that set yet – I need to start looking for it if it’s as nice as you say!

Their “skin-vigorating” phrase always makes me laugh. BUT TARTE NOW SHIPS TO CANADA??? AWW HELLL YASSSSSSS. I’ve been waiting for that news for the longest time since they have amazing sales and value sets on their site. Anyways, seriously loving the neutral eyeshadow shades in this palette. Also, 1/4 of the full sized blushes?? That can’t be right, right? The fulled sized are 0.2oz …so 1/4 would be 0.05oz?

Is that right? I went by the description on Sephora since I toss the box out before I wrote this review! Thanks for catching it though!

What a beautiful selection of shades! Tarte palettes are always so nice! Liking the look of the deeper shadows especially ????

I’ve been so intrigued by Tarte eyeshadows when I heard about the formulas! Love the colour selection they put together

Darn, I missed that sale! But good to know that it’s a good palette. Maybe someday ????

Hopefully! And Tarte does a lot of blush palettes too, especially for the holiday, so I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like!

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