Stocking up on Lush | A Haul.

I can’t be the only one who find it impossible to go into a Lush “for a quick look” and walk out with nothing. I swear, I have to avoid the entire section of the mall to avoid getting sucked into the lovely, fragrant store and save my hard-earned money for something else that I needed. For some, the Lush store can be intimidating – the different smells that can be smelled from 10 metres away, “funny” names, and more “bath” products than I thought could be needed in a single bathroom, but for me it smells like home!

I had a bit of a weak moment during the Boxing Day weekend and stocked up on some Lush products given they were part of the Boxing Day BOGO deals. Fortunately, there weren’t too many options (otherwise I would have spent more money than necessary!) in-store though I still managed to pick up a few things to try out and stock up on.

I made my way to the mall at 7am to accompany my sister and decided to pop by Lush to see what deals I could score. I was thrilled to find a decent selection (granted, the online sale had a lot more products available), but I was happy with what I managed to grab!


Just a side note, pictured in here are only the items I managed to grab in-store. I lost the pictures that I was supposed to post on the blog and have tore into the goodies and well… I got a bit lazy with re-taking the photos when there’s tons of bath bomb powder everywhere.

+ Home For Christmas Wrapped Gift ($27.95)
I wished there were more of this set in-store but alas, I grabbed the very last one! The set includes a very generous selection of Lush’s top-selling limited edition and highly coveted products including Rose Jam. So what’s in this delightful kit? We’ve got: a 45g Dream Cream LotionSanta’s Belly ($23.95)
What a queer name? I thought so too! I bought this because I quite liked the unique shape of the packaging which I can use as ornaments for next year and sneak in a few gifts in there as well. At just a little bit over $20, this little gift set offers some awesome value including products such as: 100g Reindeer Rock Soap, 100g Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly, and 90g Stardust Soap.

+ Rosy Christmas… ($16.95)
You can probably tell from this haul that I love me some gift sets, and Rose Jam happens to be this year’s winner of must have products that I’ve been adding to my list. This lovely set includes, yet another Rose Jam shower gel, so I’m well stocked into the new year. To be honest, I only wanted to try out the Ro’s Argan shower smoothie as it is always getting amazing reviews online! Here we’ve got: 45g Ro’s Argan Shower Smoothie and 100ml Rose Jam Shower Gel.

Aside from the lovely gift sets, I ended up picking up a few separate items:

  • 500ml Rose Jam Shower Gel ($32.95)
  • 240ml Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly ($11.95)
  • 100g Magic Wand Bubble Bar ($9.95)

Overall, although it felt like I spent a lot of money, I know that I’m picking up a few of these as housewarming gifts as well so I’m excited to share them with the lovely recipients of these goodies!

Did you partake in any Boxing Dya deals and specials? What did you pick up?

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