Sephora Collection La Pinata | Childhood Dreams Do Come True.

When I was a child, my parents didn’t see the value of having pinatas for my birthday. Ever. So I mean, I missed out of one of childhood’s greatest joys and it’s haunted me since. That was until the Sephora CollectionLa Pinata ($38, made my childhood dreams come true and gave me this quintessential experience.

Like the name implies, the Sephora CollectionLa Pinata is a pinata for beauty lovers of all ages. Shaped as an adorable fox-shape package, this gift will surely bring a smile to the recipient. Packed with 10 delightful Sephora Collection bits, I am thrilled that they’ve packed some of my favourite products in here. I’ve mentioned several times that Sephora’s very own brand is one of the most overlooked yet impressive brands out there and this little package is proof of that.

Sephora Collection La Pinata | Childhood Dreams Do Come True.

Included in the pinata is an assortment of Sephora Collection products for the face, lips, eyes and nails. There any items here that are skintone-specific (it’s only the lip stain) meaning it would make the perfect “self-care” gift for anyone who wants to spoil themselves this holiday season. Spoiler alert, this is one of those gifts you can also pick up at the last minute and make the recipient think you spent tons of time thinking about them. You’re welcome.

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Included in this set are the following items:

  1. The Mascara in 02 Ultra Black
  2. Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red
  3. Fingertip Eyeliner in 01 Smart Black
  4. Ribbon Hair Tie
  5. Creamy Body Wash Capsule in Cotton Flower
  6. Fizzing Bath Cube in Cotton Flower
  7. Sleeping Mask in Lotus
  8. Lip Mask in Shea
  9. Eye Mask in Avocado
  10. Mini 4-Step Nail Buffer

Sephora Collection La Pinata | Childhood Dreams Do Come True.

Sephora Collection La Pinata | Childhood Dreams Do Come True.

At the time of writing, this limited-edition gift appears to be sold out. However, if you spot it in your next in-store visit, please let us know so we can check them out for ourselves too! I hope Sephora continues this type of value sets because they are not only unique gifts, but totally unexpected and would delight any recipients!

What do you think of the Sephora Collection La Pinata? Would you get one for yourself?

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aw, how cute is that! i also missed out on the joys of pinatas – though my next door neighbors always had them for their birthdays, so my sister and i could join in on the candy grabbing fun at least. i’m kind of glad my parents didn’t raise me on frivolous (albeit fun) things, i think it helped me learn to be content with what i had!

becky @ star violet

Thanks Becky – I missed it a lot too! That’s so kind and thoughtful of your neighbour! I think that kind of parenting style is equally important! Thanks for sharing <3

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