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I take the quickest shower because I like to be environmentally friendly. I think the average time I spend in the shower has got to be 5-7 minutes, and 10 minutes being the max when I need to shave. Not that you really need to know these figures or anything. Also, I’m that person who wakes up with negative 15 minutes left in the morning, so you know…

In early 2015, Nivea launched what I think is a pretty interesting product, an in-shower moisturizer for the body. I’m with anyone who can reduce the amount of time I have to spend post-shower applying lotion and the rest of that beautifying routine, so this seems like a product that seems to be created for people like me. The idea is that you apply this the way you would with a shower gel – apply in the shower, rinse off, and voila! You’re golden ???? If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, or grew up in Canada, you know that body lotion in the winter is a must. I was thus very excited to experiment with this.


I love Nivea – it is one of my favourite brands and it’s one I’ve grown up with. When I went to Berlin a couple of years ago, I visited the Niveahaus and stocked up on a whole bunch of products. The ladies there gave me so many samples (mini version, not the sachets/foil kinds) so I got to use them during the rest of my travels. Any time I’m dried up like a prune and my trusted Jergens moisturizer doesn’t cut it anymore, this is my go to. The scent is that classic Nivea that is so familiar to us. But I digress.

So the first question I had was, how long am I supposed to keep it on for? I apply shower gels and leave it on for literally 15 seconds max, so that’s how I go ahead and use this product since there wasn’t a “recommended time” to leave it on for. Next question thought was, it can make the bath/tub/shower floor slippery it is suggested that you rinse the immediate area to prevent slips. Great. Lastly, did it work? Yes and no.

It works because it does leave the skin hydrated and supple post-shower, and that hydration lasts for a couple of hours. However, I find myself getting uncomfortably dry half way through the day. After a while, I ended up adding another layer of body lotion over this. Now, I suspect it is the incredibly drying winter and wild wind chills that took away from the effectiveness of the moisturizer. If I were to be using this in any other seasons than winter, I would argue the moisturizer is more than enough. The other good thing about this body milk is that it doesn’t have any of that sticky, greasy feeling you would normally associate with body butters or moisturizers.

For the price, I think it’s worth trying if you are interested in this time-saving bottle of goodness. While this didn’t work out effectively to use for the winter, I think this will become a staple during the summer months when the heat makes body lotion or oils feel incredibly uncomfortable. It’s not that this moisturizer is bad at all – it’s just insufficient for me, during the winter season. For now, I think I’ll save this until winter is over!

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried the Nivea In Shower Body Milk? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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