NARS Goulue | VIB Rouge Gift 2016.

Well, darn. It happened, again. Just as I predicted, I renewed my VIB Rouge status for another year. I know I’ve mentioned the underwhelming extra’s and perks that you get the most premium, and member of the highest tier of the Sephora beauty insider program. The reason I wanted to share this post was because I got a little sneaky and managed to grab the newest (2016) VIB Rouge gift (hint hint: NARS Goulue!) vs. last year’s red lipstick.

I think the whole red for Rouge is really overdone. Not everyone can rock or want to rock red every single time. It’s a bold, bright red, which I’m kind of over. In the last 3 years (holy batman, I’ve been spending money on makeup like nobody’s business in the last 3 years) the gift had always been a bright red something. And I get it. We like the look of bold red lipstick. However practical it is for Sephora to offer one type of lipstick to all VIB Rouge members, it’s not really the biggest crowd-pleaser. I’m an example, because you will never see me sporting any colour remotely close to red.

NARS Goulue | VIB Rouge Gift 2016.

NARS Goulue | VIB Rouge Gift 2016.

When I heard rumours that the 2016 gift was a blush, and it was actually a wearable colour, from a lovely brand called NARS, I was stoked. I didn’t even care that the product is tiny, because how often do you actually finish a blush? With only $82 to go, I made an online order on the 31st of December, and successfully renewed my status.

This year’s VIB Rouge Gift, as you would have guessed, is a NARSBlush in Goulue ($38, available here). It is a brand new shade to the NARS blush range that was first offered to VIB Rouge members and now should be available to everyone. I was pretty excited excited when I saw this colour – for once it is a totally wearable colour on a multitude of skintones! Just in case it looks familiar, that might be because it has similar undertones to another popular shade “Sin”

NARS Goulue | VIB Rouge Gift 2016.

NARS Goulue | VIB Rouge Gift 2016.

NARS Goulue Sephora VIB Rouge Gift 2016

The NARS Goulue colour is a flattering shade that will look very lovely on all skintones – the deep rose shade has a hint of berry which makes the face come alive! From what I know, this is a Rouge-exclusive shade which was released with the Guy Bourdin collection. This colour is more matte than a lot of the blush shades that I’ve seen NARS come out with. I haven’t been into berry blush shades these days so this is a welcome addition to the collection!

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What do you think of this year’s VIB Rouge Gift? Would you give the NARS Goulue a try?

I think this is the best VIB gift by far omg, it’s such a pretty shade. I can’t wait until I reach VIB rouge for this haha.

Perfect Shade of Mauve

I agree!! It’s such a versatile colour and looks great on so many different skintones! Glad they let me pick this one up!

Heehee, yay for Rouge! I think that’s a new NARS blush shade- it’s totally gorgeous! I’m a sucker for red lipstick, but it’s nice that they’ve offered something more wearable this time around ????

I think you’re right – I believe this is a Rouge exclusive shade? Either ways, glad that they offer a nice non-red lip alternative! I love this colour!

Considering you have to spend 1000$ to quality for Rouge, you really should get a damn full-sized product. I think the shade is pretty, but it’s nothing special. I’m so determined to not quality this year! But completely agree that it’s nice to see something other than red lipstick.

Katherine || The Green Bows

I think so too! I am glad they are slowly making some improvements to the program, particularly when it comes to the events! I am hoping not to re-qualify either so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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