NARS Dolce Vita Lipstick | Review

NARS products definitely feels like some of the most expensive in the market, but given their hype and popularity, I knew it was only a matter of time before I cracked and got myself one of their $30 lipsticks. The NARSDolce Vita lipstick ($30, available here) came into my possession in the least expensive way possible for me – that was through its inclusion in the Sephora Favourites Super Star Set from 2013.


Bottom Line [3.5/5]: Beautiful, natural colour that will suit a wide-range of skintone and occasions. Not the most budget-friendly but a good range to splurge on if you want to try a high-end lipstick

Encased in a black, rubber/silicone tube, there is nothing too unique about the lipstick aside from its ouchy-ouch expensive price point. I was initially worried that the Dolce Vita would not be a good shade – it is described as a “sheer dusty rose” on Sephora which I think can be translated as a colour that might come off too old on me. I am pleased to report that in terms of colour, this shade is definitely one of those universally flattering colour, that will look good on the young and old, and on women of varying colours and skintone. The NARSDolce Vita lipstick is a sheer matte colour, with no noticeable shimmers. It dries to a shiny satin finish and despite being sheer, it can be built to get a more pigmented finish.


In terms of the formula, the NARSDolce Vita lipstick glides on easily and sits comfortably on the lips. It it moisturizing, and will not accentuate the lines on your lips. The downside though is that it requires re-application throughout the day, especially if you’re someone who snacks and drinks a lot. There is no scent or flavour, so if you are averse or allergic to that sort of thing, this is a pretty good range of lipstick formula to check out (despite the price).

NARSDolce Vita lipstick quickly became my favourite my lips but better shade. There’s a reason why this is one of their most popular shades, and I can now understand why. Creaminess and moisturizing are two benefits I look for in a lipstick, and NARS definitely delivered in this shade!

Where to Buy: Sephora, NARS Counters ($30)

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Ooooo, there’s a kit on Nordstroms with that lipstick, a gloss and a polish…. I might look into it now! I’ve been pretty good at ignoring the NARS hype over the years, but I might cave soon!

What a great set to nab! I wish we have those sets in Canada – I’d be all over them! NARS has been a hit and miss for me, but there are definitely tons of gems waiting to be discovered!

I have Roman Holiday and Damage. To me, Damage is Dolce Vita for girls with cool undertones.
Since I am very fond of the NARS Sheer Lipstick formula, I want to get a few more shades. I might cave in and get Dolce Vita as well. ????

I’ve never tried that shade, but thanks for bringing it to our attention! I’m excited to swatch it in store the next time I’m at Sephora or Holts!

Dolce Vita was the first NARS lipstick I ever purchased, and it’s still my favourite. I usually grab this when I’m in a rush and want just a little more colour than a regular tinted lip balm. Great shade. ????

I agree with that – it is my first shade and I am in love! Looking forward to trying more of NARS lipstick shades ????

I have roman holiday and due to my lipstick hoarding, I don’t think I’ve used it in a while. I love the formula of those lippies and when I get back home I’m going to start carrying it around and use it!

Ohhh! The formula surprised me quite nicely especially for something from NARS which I’ve had a bit of an up-down experience for me. So excited to try more shades from NARS! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Dolce VIta is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks, because it’s so easy to wear! Goes with any makeup look and give my lips a bit of subtle oomph ????

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