NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo.

Unlike most people, I have a hit and miss relationship with many NARS product, so it was a big gamble for me to pick up the NARSCheyenne Eyeshadow Duo ($39, available here, LE) which is priced at an eye-popping $39 for 0.14oz of products. Cheyenne consists of two colours: a burnt orange/gold shade, and a rich shimmery plum purple. NARS eyeshadows are described as crease-resistent, and highly pigmented, two claims that I can say translated perfectly to application and wear.

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I’ve heard that NARS Eyeshadows can be a hit or miss; some are too sheer, and others have really awful texture that don’t translate to the lid well. This is the first eyeshadows I’ve tried from NARS and I am already very impressed to say the least. It was the rich plum colour in the NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo. that really sealed the deal for me; that colour that is hardly dupable and I have not seen a colour similar to this in any other palette. Both shadows are intensely pigmented and easy to work with on the lids. The texture is silky smooth so this would be one of the few duos that are the “hits” in the entire collection.

NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo.

NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow – a Duo Worth Drooling Over

The purple shade is a really unique color – it’s more complex than it looks. In some lights, it can appear more of a warm brown shade, and in others, it can look more purple. Either ways, it is my favourite crease color! I haven’t had much use out of the gold shade because it is far too cool-toned for my skin, and doesn’t look as nice. I believe this is a discontinued shade (I haven’t been able to find it on which is a really big disappointment.

NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo.

NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo.

NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow

The eyeshadows are encased in a rubber-like case that NARS is well-known for, along with a mirror. The packaging is the same size as the blushes.

Although this is a discontinued shade, it was a great start to NARS makeup line; I’m definitely thinking about picking up more of these duos in the future.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried the NARS’ eyeshadow duos? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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Review: NARS Cheyenne Eyeshadow Duo

I have an LE Nars duo laying around, rarely used. The formula is not my favourite which is why I don’t use the duo often. If the formula weren’t so hit/miss, I’d be springing for the And God Created Women set!

I definitely agree with that – I think I lucked out with this since I bought it a while ago, but I’ve heard so many horror stories on something that is eye-popping pricey!

The purple shade is beautiful! We do not have bars in South Africa but my sister is going to the UK soon so I will as her to pick this up for me ????

Amina || Blog: Oh just one more ||

I highly recommend it – this color is absolutely stunning! I didn’t think that the burnt orange would work, but applying it lightly makes it the perfect color to go with the purple shade ????

I’ve never tried Nars eyeshadows before but they look very pigmented! I wonder how these two colours will look like on the eyes!

Definitely a really good color combination, even on the eyes! I thought the gold would look a bit too yellow on my Asian skintone, but I was really pleased at how it turned out overall ????

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