I am so thrilled to introduce Vanessa who writes on her fabulously funny beauty blog, Citron & Guavaberry! We chatted a few times, and I cannot get over her amazing sense of humour! I count myself so lucky to know and count this fabulous blogger as a blogger friend and inspiration! Today she will be sharing one of her beauty passions, blushes in this highly informative, yet extremely funny post!

Prepare to laugh your way through this post – you might have to put aside any liquids, or breakable items nearby. You’ve been warned!

Blush Emergency

Blushmergency, aka blush overdose, happens to the best of us, especially when testing out a blush for the first time. Whether it’s because the blush is insanely pigmented, or because you simply slapped on too much, the result is the same—CHEEKS THAT MAKE THE NEXT CLOWN INSANELY JEALOUS ????

HAVE NO FEAR, because I’ve got yo’ back with some of the tips I’ve picked up!

Sleek Blushes
The first and the obvious is to check your lighting. Depending on your lighting, you can either look like you’ve overdosed on blush, or freshly resurrected from the grave. Working under natural light is the norm, and will generally give you consistent results.

Use a light hand when picking up product. Tap out excess if you need to. Don’t live on the edge—some blushes are no-nonsense badasses, and with more product on a brush, the more difficult it is to control. It’s easier to put on than take off, but when the blush refuses to sheer down even with the lightest touch, you know it’s time to bring in the big guns.

The Tools

Stippling and sparser brushes are great for powder blushes that have insane pigmentation, as they pick up less product, allowing for a sheerer application and gradual buildup of product. If you’ve gone overboard, a clean large fluffy brush will work wonders as you blend out your mess.

For cream/liquid formulas, I find that stippling brushes and sponges work better than fingers, especially with sponges because they absorb most of the product. While sponges are pretty wasteful, even the most pigmented of blushes (e.g. MUFE’s/ELF’s HD blush) are no match for them. PLUS, if you’re using the stippling brush/sponge to ‘bounce’ the blush on your skin, the less your base is disturbed, AND you’re getting an ‘airbrushed’ finish! SUCCESS.


Take selfies as a reminder of your shame and regret. If a fluffy blending brush doesn’t work, using the excess foundation/base on your brush (or squeeze a tiny bit of product onto the brush if you need to), dab over the edges of the blush, slowly working your way inward. This should mute down the blush. Though I haven’t tried it, I imagine dabbing a coloured finishing powder on the area should somewhat have the same effect.

Otherwise, dabbing a clean sponge should also remove some of the product, returning your face to ‘average human citizen’.

So, what is your line of action and defense against the ‘blushmergency’?

Find Vanessa!

Vanessa blogs at Citron & Guavaberry, and can be found on twitter, instagram, and bloglovin’.

Have you ever had a “blushmergency”? What are your favourite ways of avoiding the disaster? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

hahahaha Vanessa! Thank you for this post…I find myself in ”blushmergency” more often than I care to admit…I like to use my foundation brush to work off the excess too, it usually work. If it’s not toooooo bad, I use a really dense brush to buff it out, usually my Elf powder brush!

Right? Foundation is another great way to fix blush mistakes! I’ve learned a lot from this post as well ????

man, I knew it was vanessa without reading the text

I know the blushmergency all too well, your tips sound better than my regular technique…which is trying to wipe it off as quickly as possible

HAHA! Of course – with all the caps? LOL, and she always writes amazingly hilarious yet informative posts!

I had a blushmergency yesterday and had to reapply foundation under my cheekbones to fix it and give definition (I was half asleep and used a BIG powder brush instead of a small blush brush).

Foundation tends to be one of the best/easiest way to fix blush mistakes! I’m always in a hurry every morning so this has always been a favourite method to address my blush issues.

Such a good guest post! Vanessa is definitely a blush pro ???? I tend to overdo it with blush, but it’s one makeup no-no that I don’t mind committing! xo

Yes, I definitely agree with that! Blush is one of those things that can look amazing or disastrous!

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