Beyond the Top | Burj Khalifa SKY.

When I went to Dubai in 2012, I had to visit the famous Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made building. My favourite part, aside from the bragging rights that comes from visiting the world’s tallest man-made building is the distinctive, calming, aromatic fragrance that fills the air at the entrance site created exclusively for Burj Khalifa. Now, three years later, en route to Johannesburg, I had the opportunity to revisit this engineering feat and learn more about the exclusive part of the building, an intriguing “level above breathtaking” is the Burj Khalifa SKY.

Most visitors will likely find themselves At the Top, the observation deck located 124 floors above ground level. A visit to the this observation deck will give you an unparalleled and breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline, and if the weather is clear enough, a view of “The World” islands. For those who wants a little more, you can head to the exclusive level 125 and 148 which encompasses the Burj Khalifa Sky experience for AED300-500.


Once you arrive at the Burj Khalifa SKY lounge, you are personally escorted to a separate dedicated elevator which takes you up the tower to level 148 (on which you can stay for 30 minutes). At 555 meters, this observation deck is a level unlike any other, and is Dubai’s most iconic destination. Once you arrive, you are greeted with the signature, complimentary sweets and welcome drink and can purchase exclusive souvenirs at the boutique. After you’ve treated yourself to an observation deck unlike any other, you can head to level 125 where you can experience the new attraction called “A Falcon’s Eye View” that allows you to explore and experience Dubai from a very unique perspective.

If getting to the 124 floor above ground level isn’t enough for you, the Burj Khalifa SKY, at vertigo-inducing 555 meters above ground level is a destination worth splurging on!

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At the Top Burj Khalifa
Downtown Dubai | 800 28 843 867

Now it’s your turn! Have you been to Dubai? Would you go on the Burj Khalifa SKY Experience? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

Wow, I love that you get complimentary sweets (priorities) and drinks when you’re on the observation deck, that’s really a way to make the whole thing feel like an even more special experience. I’ve been to Dubai once before but I actually didn’t do this, can you believe it? That was back in the days where I barely researched anything before I went on trips. Now I’m the polar opposite!

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