Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner | Review.

One of this season’s hottest releases is the new BenefitThey’re Real Push Up Liner ($29, available here) – touted as the answer to every woman’s quest to achieve the perfect winged-eyeliner/cat eye with very little fuss and mess.

Despite being a beauty blogger, I admit that I am eyeliner-challenged, as embarrassing as it is. Not to mention, I like to wear minimal makeup on a daily basis, occasionally forgoing the eyeshadow for a wing eyeliner look, so this contraption caught my attention immediately. Just to prove the point, when I saw pictures of the new BenefitThey’re Real Push Up Liner, I was sold.


Bottom Line: [3.5/5] Great idea/concept; format is functional but formula is flakey, smudges and difficult to remove.

I’ll break down this review into two parts: the pen/liner itself, and the gel formula.

Format and Packaging

The pencil format, thin, and easy to hold/manoeuvre won me over from the first flick. It didn’t feel bulky to hold, and didn’t interrupt my view as I was moving my hand to apply the product. It just felt comfortable to hold, and apply with! The Accuflex tip (which is flexible/rubbery and feels like silicone) does exactly what it claims to – precise application on the actual lash line. The tip is excellent to draw the wing/triangle of the liner precisely – it’s almost hard to screw up! To get the product out, you simply twist the bottom of the pen. Do be careful though, it may seem like you’re not getting anything out, but you actually are – one twist at a time to be safe! From these points, the BenefitThey’re Real Push Up Liner was a big win for me.

Gel Formula

The formula itself is a gel in matte black, and didn’t dry too quickly, allowing time to fix any boo-boo. Once the gel sets though, it doesn’t move around and dries smoothly – it stays put and I was quite impressed. The black is very much one of the blackest black (think of Urban Decay’s Perversion eyeliner!) a colour which I really love. This is very the fairy tale story ends though – as much as I love the matte black gel formula started smudging and flaking throughout the day. It would be okay if it smudged just slightly, but I saw bits of the gel actually on my face during a presentation… and I was presenting. And if you don’t set the foundation/concealer under your eyes with powder, prepare for a full-blown panda eyes by the end of the day. Not cool guys. Not cool at all.

The gel stays on and is quite hard to remove, even with Bioderma H20. I have been using baby oil to remove the product which I don’t normally resort to.

I have slightly hooded eyes, so when I’m doing eyeliner, I need a much thicker line. This obviously was not meant for thick lines, so if you’re thinking about it and you draw thick eyeliner, you will want to save your money and skip this (unless you’re okay with going over it several times). Tiny flicks, and thin lines disappear from my eyes. No jokes.

I think the BenefitThey’re Real Push Up Liner is a going to really be a hit or a miss for most people. The idea of a gel liner in a pen is absolutely overdue in the beauty industry, and this fills a niche without much competition. The format and formula were both winners, except the formula fell short of expectations for me. The idea and potential is there, but could use a little more work in the formula.

Have you tried the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

I definitely think this is a hit or miss product!
I’ve seen so many mixed reviews.
I personally love it and haven’t experienced any smudging as of yet but I can see why others aren’t crazy about it!

Good, honest review

nailsandteapots xx

This product has so much potential – I think a little tweaks would have made it worked so much better!

I don’t use gel eyeliners whole a lot, but I think I need a thinner application tool (or a tip for that matter) to achieve a nice result anyway.
I also find many wp eyeliners with wetter formula actually substitute for gel liners just fine. I am going to pass on this.
Thanks always for your comprehensive reviews! ????

This got so much hype and I think it has so much potential going for it! Hopefully the formula will be improved in the future!

I love gel eyeliners, but I don’t think this one will work for me :/ . Though, I hope more brands come out with eyeliners in that format because I really love the concept!

I agree whole-heartedly with this! Great concept, but the formula could use some work!

Glad you’re liking this! I swatched it on my hand for the first time yesterday and am a bit unsure about the formula- but still want to give it a proper go at some point! xo

I’m a little bit in between but I think it really comes down to preference! It is definitely worth checking out for the pencil design on its own!

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