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In between work, blogging and life in general, I try to squeeze in mini-vacations throughout the year. You all know that I do enjoy the occasional adventures abroad, and make a point of leaving home for these trips as often as possible. In the very near future, I will have used up all of my vacation days, and cover 3 continents: North America, Europe, and Africa. Not too shabby right?

Although I will adjust what I carry in my makeup bag depending upon the kind of trip it is, I realize that most of the products have not actually changed in between trips! Meaning, a lot of products I’m about to show are my staple “vacation” products because they can withstand anything from a safari in the sun, dune-buggying in Dubai desert, intense water-related spots in the Caribbean, walking 30km/day throughout Europe and a visit to a chic Parisian shopping area! Curious what kinds of products can withstand all of the above? Keep reading!


The basics include some of my must-have base products. The foundation of choice for any kinds of trip is the Make Up For EverMat Velvet+ Foundation ($41, available here). Aside from the intensely long wear time, amazing coverage, and the fact that it doesn’t budge until you take it off, the foundation comes in a travel-friendly squeeze bottle like this which guarantees no-accident/mess in your suitcase, no matter what. If I am having a really bad skin week, and need just a bit more coverage, I’ll pack my MACPro Longwear Concealer ($22, available here) as well. I bring this along because I use it as an eyeshadow primer as well – multi-purpose products are my favourites for traveling!

I pack as many fuss-free, tiny/sample-sized products on my trip, and my current mascara of choice is the LancomeHypnose Drama Mascara ($31, available here) which adds so much volume and length to my lashes and it makes me look awake even when I’ve just stepped off a 10+ hour flight. The BenefitGimme Brow ($26, available here) is perfect for brow touch ups, especially when it comes in this travel-friendly mascara format. I try to avoid bringing powders because you never know what could happen, and cleaning up broken makeup in your makeup bag is not worth the effort.

In case I need to look glammed up, I pack my Too FacedAll I Want for ChristmasPalette which conveniently comes with your basic everyday creamy white and chocolate brown eyeshadow pair and a subtle blush colour. Bronzer is optional, so I pack a mini and the one I am addicted to at the moment is also from Too Faced.
I try to pack things that won’t spill either, so make up wipes tend to be the best way to go. Currently, I’m obsessed with the skin-friendly amieGentle Facial Cleansing Wipes ($5.99, available here) which comes with a month’s worth of supply, more than enough! Again with the mini’s, and deluxe-sized products, I pack my SephoraSupreme Cleansing Wash for no other reason than the fact that it will last me at least a week (I have a tendency to run out of cleansers during my trips!)

I also make sure to pack a sunscreen and my current choice is the NeutrogenaBeach Defense ($10, available here). I use different formula’s for my day and night creams, so I usually tend to pack two (although when it’s a more active trip, I’ll forgo the night-time one. The ClarinsVital Light Day Moisturizer ($89, available here) is a lightweight one that smells great, moisturizes without the grease! If I feel the need to pack my night cream, or a heavier formula moisturizer in general, I will pack my Pure & Simple Skin Drink or decant my Embryolisse Lait Creme into this bottle.

A lip balm is a must for me and the BiodermaAtoderm Lip Balm is a lovely-scented, hydrating one that I always keep. A pair of good, old hair ties are also incredibly important. The extra bits are mini perfume vials/samples so that I’ll smell wonderful any time of the day!

The rest of the pack includes bottles of shampoo and conditioner and these mini’s that I always get from P&G Sampler Events are the best. A hand sanitizer is critical because I don’t want to get sick while traveling either! A body lotion like this heavy duty NiveaCream ($6.99, available here) is easy to slip into my suitcase, but doesn’t weigh a lot. The last piece is the super versatile, multi-function Dr. Bronner7-in-1 Magic Soap ($4.99, available here) which can be used as a face soap, body soap and and even as a brush soap! I tend to pack this more often than I pack any liquid cleansers or soap because the format makes it very travel friendly and guaranteed to ensure a mess-free experience!

Now it’s your turn! What do you always pack in your travel makeup bag? Does it change a lot or do you tend to pack the same things? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

your makeup case looks so convenient, i need one of those! i always take a little spray bottle of perfume with me, it saved lugging around a huge bottle x
natasha // eyebrows, inc.

Thanks! It was from Holt Renfrew ????

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