5 Fragrances to add to your Collection this Summer.

Straying away from one’s favourite (b)eau this season is a major move but as they always say, keep your options open right? Over the years, I’ve grown with and oftentimes, out of love with my winter-season fragrances, so I’m always looking for something new. I spend a lot of time flipping through magazines and browsing blogs to see what’s new and what else I can add to my list!

Some on my list are older scents and fragrances, but there are also few that just launched which you should consider adding to your collection. Here are five fragrances that I thought you should get to know this summer season!



1. Givenchy Very Irrésistible Mes Envies Eau de Toilette

Givenchy is re-introducing its classic fragrance and wrapping this beautiful limited-edition fragrance in an ode to the various roses that are key ingredients of this classic creation. The GivenchyVery Irrésistible Mes Envies ($98, available here) is available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay in Canada and is available for only a limited time. This exquisite re-creation of a classic is encased in a rose-themed box, and adorned with a chic floral bow. The rose theme was a key part of Riccardo Tisci’s fashion collection from Spring 2015.

2. Givenchy Dahlia Noir L’Eau

To start off, the GivenchyDahlia Noir L’Eau ($71-$95, available here) appropriately nicknaed fleur fatale is the lighter version of the original predecessor, GivenchyDahlia Noir ($51-$92). What struck me most about this new release is the modern simplicity and combination of notes. The fragrance is described as one that “embodies a mysterious and unusual woman as well as an imaginary flower that combines dark danger and tenderness, purity and sensuality.” What woman doesn’t want to feel a little bit of that femme fatale? Dahlia Noir L’Eau is a fresh, delicate, and memorable scent that reminds me very much of green tall grasses dancing in the wind; the first spritz gives you hints on what’s to come, making you want to explore the notes in depth.

The combination of earthy bases, and floral scent truly captures the essence of the summer season season and is the perfect counterpart to Dahlia Noir. Givenchy truly captured the essence of spring in this very unassuming bottle with an eye-catching color of juice.

3. Kenzo Flower L’Eau Originelle

The release of the KenzoFlower L’Eau Originelle ($111, available here) is a re-invention of the original and features the classic white poppy flower in this concoction. The light and airy scent remarkably memorable scent. Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this new creation is a unique and fresher take on the original Kenzo fragrances perfect for the summer season.

4. Fendi Fan di Fendi

The FendiFan di Fendi Eau Fraiche ($78-$94, available here) is a stunning blend of dainty flowers and citrus including bergamot, jasmine, cardamom and orange blossom. It is a scent that will instantly lift your mood with crispness that is unlike any other scent I own. The iconic elegance of the bottle and burst of green hued juice within is accentuated by the sharpness of the first spritz. While it maybe overly sharp for some, I encourage you give it time to blend with your body chemistry before making your final judgment about this fragrance.

5. Ralph Lauren The Romance

I had to ask my sister if I could borrow this fragrance from her because I love the smell of it. This wears incredibly well on her – the perfect balance of femininity, clean and crisp smelling fragrance ought to make you want to give it a try. The light scent is just right for the summer season without too much of it overwhelming the body.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried tried any of the fragrances mentioned here? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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