My 2 Go-To Dehydrated Skin Quencher.

My constant travelling has caught up with me recently as my skin is completely parched and feels drier than the tundra up north. With my skin looking more and more tired, dehydrated, and lacking that healthy glow you would normally associate with travels, I knew I needed some help.

Having shared these concerns with an expert in the beauty and skincare industry, I was ready to give any new addition to my skincare regime a go! After having put two Clarins Hydraquench products to the test, I’m quite excited to write about and share my thoughts with you!

My 2 Go-To Dehydrated Skin Quencher.

The ClarinsHydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase ($59, available here) is rich in omega-3, and hyaluronic acid which are staples in keeping the skin hydrated. This combination is further enhanced with katafray extract, which is responsible waking up the skin’s natural moisturization process, rather than introducing moisture artificially on the skin. The serum has a cooling sensation once applied on the skin, and applies like water without any tackiness nor does it leave any traces of sitting on the skin. I apply the serum twice a day on the skin (morning and evening) and I can really feel how much plumper, and hydrated my skin feels immediately after compared to using a face oil or just a moisturizer. Any moisturizer I apply over this sinks into the skin a lot better so I don’t even have to re-invest in other parts of my skincare just by adding this serum into my skincare rotation.

Once a week, I try to use a hydrating face mask to ensure that I am continuing to provide my skin with the much needed moisture boost as much as I can. Regardless of the season, I can see how my skin benefits a lot from having hydrating products in my routine. As soon as I switch something out or skip the serum “because it’s summer” or for any other reason, I can start seeing the flakes come back, and my skin texture feeling a lot more like sandpaper. The creamy ClarinsHydraQuench Cream-Mask ($37, available here) delivers instant hydration boost in just the 10 minutes that I wear this mask for. The creamy, non-drying mask also uses katafray bark extract (the same ingredient found in the serum) as well as hyaluronic acid to promote the skin’s moisture balance. After using this mask, I can see how much more smoother, and less dehydrated my skin feels like, especially on days when I’ve had a rough week!

What’s your go-to routine for dehydrated skin?

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