Twenty Fifteen.

As we are getting ready to greet the new year, I always like to dedicate a post to reflect on the year. I’m excited to wave a goodbye to 2014 and am excited to see what 2015 will bring each and every one of us, so here’s to an even bigger, more exciting and successful 2015!

There was a sense of good kind of finality in closing 2014 for me – it’s like waving an old friend goodbye. I am always so touched and grateful by the people I’ve met, the community I am surrounded by, and the feeling of togetherness that the holidays bring upon us. 2014 has been another year filled with learning, experiences and blessings on so many different ways. Recapping 2014 will be a challenge – it has been an amazing year on so many levels! I think reflection is really important hence I want to recap a couple of things here…


1. Blogging – Thank you to YOU!

I am always amazed by the kind support and incredible feeling of friendship and camaraderie that we share as bloggers and blog readers. I am always so humbled and grateful to meet so many different people from various backgrounds who share a similar passion and obsession with beauty. Not only that, the kinds of opportunities and experiences wouldn’t have been made had it not been for that blogger and reader relationship. So here’s a huge thank you to the #bbloggersCA beauty community for all the enabling, and validating the shenagans that I do as a blogger! On top of that, thank you to each one of you readers because I’ve only gotten this far thanks to your kind support and generous words!

2. Travel

Traveling is a huge part of my life, and like last year, this year has been no exception when it comes to going abroad. From Las Vegas, to Christmas Markets in Prague, and Paris, as well as visiting Times Square (no less than 5 times over a weekend), I had the most amazing time traveling this year. I’ve made so many new friends that I met abroad, and I am looking forward to continue filling my passport with stamps and visa’s from around the world!

For the New Year…


1. Reduce, reduce, reduce!

Right now my sample stash and makeup drawer is filled to the brim with products that I cannot imagine I’ll be using within a lifetime. Promising myself to do blog sales and declutter doesn’t get very far unless I actually go back to the root of the problem. Over time, I’ve realized I don’t need a makeup collection the size of a Sephora to be happy, and that’s my attitude going into 2015! I am going to focus on reducing my makeup spending (on limited edition collections or hyped-up products that do not really interest me) and really focus on spending on what I need and know work for me.

2. Live healthy physically and spiritually

I admit that this year was rather harsh on my body. From eating succulent dishes whilst in Europe, indulging on homemade food when I came home from my travels, the ambitious trip I did abroad, I’ve really forced my body beyond its limits. I am extremely fortunate that my body has “put up with me” throughout the process but I can definitely foresee how I would damage my body without realizing it. My focus is to start going for massage/physiotherapy to keep my muscles and joints as flexible and relaxed as possible. I promise to also take better care of my body – I only have one and it’s mine, so I’ll try to always give it the best.

3. Continue to have adventures (and more travels!)

I hope that I will never stop learning, traveling or having adventures. Here’s to 2015 full of travels and more adventures!

I hope you will have an exciting, fun and successful 2015 ahead! Now it’s your turn! What are some of your new year’s resolutions? How do you plan on spending 2014?

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