Origins Face Masks I’m Currently Obsessed With.

I’m a longtime fan of Lush Cosmetics’ face masks, and I don’t always have the time to spend 15 minutes doing nothing while I have a face mask on. Self-care is one of my biggest goals this year so I am trying to be more proactive in taking better care of my skin, health and well-being. As a result, despite being a beauty blogger, I rarely purchase face masks. Until recently.

Origins was the first brand that came to mind because of their super popular OriginsClear Improvement Charcoal mask which was something I introduced my youngest sister to. She has oily skin and LOVES this mask so much that it has become a tradition for me to purchase it during the VIB sale for her (She doesn’t accumulate enough points at Sephora to justify that kind of spending).


During a recent Origins sale, I picked up 2 new masks to try out. The first is OriginsClear Improvement Charcoal Mask ($31, available here) because I wanted to understand the hype myself. The mask is a favourite amongst many and I am slowly understanding why.


I used my sister’s sample once and my mom, who I see everyday, noticed a big difference on my skin. Charcoal naturally sucks out all the dirt, and oils in the pores making your skin instantly clearer and brighter. I use this once every two weeks or even once a month as my normal skin doesn’t create as much blackheads and or accumulate dirt as fast as my sister’s oily skin does. So far, I’ve had nothing but good experience with this mask. The charcoal also calms the skin and I’m glad I gave this a go!

I have also been intrigued by rose clay masks as I love the one I tried from Lush. Rose clay is a unique typ eof clay which helps reduce inflammation, tighten pores, and fade hyperpigmentation due to the iron content, which is also how the clay got its colour. I had been struggling with some cysts and painful acne as a result of using a few items that didn’t suit my skin. Origins recently released a new rose clay-based mask, the OriginsRetexturizing Mask with Rose Clay ($31, available here) that seemed to be up the task (plus it’s made with Canadian willowherb!) Since those cysts weren’t going anywhere and wasn’t looking pleasant so I put this to test in hopes that it might help. And it absolutely did! It really worked to reduce the size of the bumps and cysts and calmed the redness down so it wasn’t as angry looking and much easier to cover with makeup.


Do you have a favourite Origins face masks?

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