Mother Knows Best.

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the amazing, beautiful, inspiring mothers – I hope you are really, really, spoiled today!! Heck, you deserve to be spoiled every single day! A mother’s love, patience, kindness are unrivalled, and let’s be honest, is there ever a way for us to repay our mom’s for all those tears, anxieties, frustration and teen angst they were forced to deal with while we were growing up?

While unfortunately, I am not home to celebrate with my mom on this special occasion, I have ensure that she is treated to a lovely facial before I left on my South Africa trip! I thought I would do something a little different than putting up another “What to buy your Mom for Mother’s Day” because Mother’s Day (like many holidays we celebrate) should definitely go beyond shopping and consumerism!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I thought I would share some of the best advice my mom shared with me growing up! I never really thought how lucky I am that my Mom is the wonderful human that she is. I’d love to hear your mom’s best advice and your favourite memories with your mom – so leave me a comment below!

For me, I’ve always thought that my mom had some kind of superpower – no matter who or how many of us got sick at home, she never did. I think I inherited her superhuman immune system which served me well during university! My mom is someone who thinks beyond herself – if she had $50 to spare, she would rather spend it on us rather than herself. She is so selfless, and the only thing she ever wants in terms of “repayment” is her children’s smiles and happiness! As someone who gets stressed out constantly, I try to make a point to smile more for her!

Also, this is probably a given but my mom gives the best and most relevant advice, even before they were needed. Just when I thought it was unsolicited advice, she nailed it!

So my mom’s best advice? Here are 7 of them…


1. Less is More

Growing up my mom wore very little makeup. Moisturizer, powder foundation, and a dash of lipstick and that was all. These days, I love makeup like nobody’s business – I’ve dabbled in high end, drugstore makeup, skincare and the likes. All the while, never taking proper care of my skin so the result is the continuous need to cover up due to acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation marks when all I want is to wear as little as possible!

2. Skip the drama

My wise mom’s best advice to date has got to be that gossiping, bullying, jealous and being catty gets you nowhere.

3. Be Independent and Support Yourself

And the proof is that I can travel the world solo – even as far away as South Africa – by myself. On top of this, I put myself through school, living away from home and supported myself with scholarships and money earned from summer jobs.

4. Get Enough Sleep

I swear that my mom has this secret superpower that she can foresee my future – because she once told me that there would be a time that I would be so busy, I would barely have time to sleep. And how right was she? She got an A++ for predicting it exactly and it totally happened a year later.

5. You Can Do Anything You Set your Heart to

I started blogging, travelling and many other things in life because there had never been a time I doubted my ability, thanks to the constant encouragement and love from dear mom!

6. Be Someone People Want to Emulate

Whether it is having your own personal style, signature scent, having a shoulder that someone else can always lean on, there’s just something about being that goodness in the world that she’s always wanted from her children.

7. Declutter Your Life

Stop hanging out with friends who make you feel bad about yourself, or start drama. Clean up your room. Clean your closet – invest in staple pieces, they last longer.

Now it’s your turn! What are your mom’s best advice and what are your favourite rituals/memories with her?

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