Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream.

The Make Up For EverAqua Cream ($28, available here) is a collection of ultra-pigmented, waterproof cream eyeshadows. Available in 21 shades, this product is part of its Aqua product range, which features a highly pigmented, waterproof, and smudge-proof formula. Formulated with mother of pearl particles infused with high concentration of pigments, this cream eyeshadow applies and leaves a finish unlike any other products in my beauty drawer. These Aqua Creams are marketed mostly as an eye makeup product (eyeshadow base, eyeshadow colour), but I find that some of the shades can be quite versatile and used as lip/cheek products when I swatched them in-store.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

Packaged in a transparent plastic jar, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream is quite a familiar sight. It has a very soft, mousse-like texture, that I find easiest to work with using my fingers. The eyeshadow applies effortlessly on the lids, and true to its claim, has a stunning luminous finish that is unlike any other eyeshadows I have in my collection. #16 drew me in because it is not a colour that can be described in one word – the best way I can describe this shade is shimmery pink with a metallic frost finish that looks like a duochrome in some angle and is very unique despite (what I’d like to think) my extensive eyeshadow collection.

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I have used this product with and without a base, and I didn’t find that the base made a significant difference in the application. I find that once applied, the eyeshadow is not immediately as pigmented or bright as it appears on in the pot, so if you have been hesitant about taking the plunge with it because of the colour intensity, this is something to note. I have to apply several layers to achieve the exact same pigmentation as seen in the pot but that is not to say that sheerness is a bad thing. With this easy-to-build-up formula, the Aqua Cream is very forgiving and a lot easier to play around with because you have the option of building up the colour or simply to use it as a sheer wash of colour on those no-makeup days.

I personally like to layer this colour to achieve the same intensity as the pot, mostly because I adore this color on its own, and it looks amazing paired with a plum/purple shade for a romantic/first-date look.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 16 Pink Beige vs. Maybelline Color Tattoo Inked in Pink

When I first saw this shade, I was immediately reminded by another familiar drugstore product, the MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink. At a glance, both shades look very similar but there are subtle differences in application. The MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink appears to be a darker shade of pink and a less shimmery product, but once applied, the Make Up For EverAqua Cream applies as a lighter and brighter shade of pink, and is immediately much more pigmented than the MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink which looks very flat. The MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink has a firm texture unlike the mousse-like texture of the Make Up For EverAqua Cream. Most of the differences come down to your own preference, but a very obvious difference to note between the two is definitely the formula. The Make Up For EverAqua Cream is completely crease-proof on my lids, but I noticed creasing with the MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink.

I would not say that they are exact dupes of each other, but they are very close. The Make Up For EverAqua Cream may cost a pretty penny, but I find the price to be absolutely worth it given the quality, excellent pigmentation and texture, and the wide variety of shades available. Is this a product for everyone? No – if budget is a big consideration then the MaybellineColor Tattoo is a great substitute for the Make Up For EverAqua Cream range, albeit with a smaller shade selection and lower-quality formula. If formula, quality of finish and long-lasting staying power are important to you, I would highly recommend the Make Up For EverAqua Cream over any drugstore dupes.

Make Up For EverAqua Cream 16 Pink Beige (R): Make Up For EverAqua Cream vs. MaybellineColor Tattoo Inked in Pink

True to its claim, this eyeshadow cream will not budge, or smudge once it sets. Once you apply the product, you have a bit of time to work with (blending out the colour) it but it will not move once it sets and you can really tell when the eyeshadow has set/dried. It is completely waterproof, and did not crease on me when I wore it. Despite the intensity, and waterproof formula, it is still very easy to remove at the end of the day with makeup wipes.

It is a true stand out within my entire collection, not simply in terms of colours, but also because of its stellar formula!

What about you? Have you tried the Make Up For EverAqua Cream? Is it on your to-purchase list?

The Maybelline tattoos crease on me, too, unless I set with a shadow. I’ve been curious about the MUFE cream range since it’s so extensive! This pink isn’t my usual kind of color, but for some reason it’s calling to me, lol!

This colour didn’t stand out too much until I swatched it! It’s such a complex combination of colour: pink, beige, and a little bit of shimmers. Together, it just makes for a killer combo!

I have tried a couple of Color Tattoos but they don’t work very well for me.
Thanks for the comparison cause I soon wondered about the difference btw these two when I started reading this post! ????

I find that some of the Colour Tattoo shades to be a hit and miss as well, but this one happens to be a favourite that is also a dupe for a high-end item which worked out nicely! The MUFE ones have so many more options and certainly more consistency between all the colours!

I love cream shadows that can double as a base/primer! I’m a huge fan of Maybelline’s Color Tattoo, especially since they’re really affordable and have some great colors. The MUFE one looks gorgeous as well, and after reading your review, I definitely want to try them out.

There wasn’t a huge difference in this specific colour, which was a little surprising. For the most part, it came down to formula and one’s own preference on the finish overall ????

It does look very similar to Inked in Pink! I tend to shy away from pink-toned eyeshadows but I think they can definitely be flattering depending on the shade and how it complements one’s skin tone. I’ve never tried MUFE Aqua Creams but they sound very budge-proof!

I find that pink eyeshadows can be a hit and miss – sometimes it will make you look very ill and other times, it’s the perfect base. I was really happy to find this shade to be incredibly flattering and doesn’t make you look ill at all!

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