Life Lately #7.

Hello friends! It’s been quite a while since my last “life lately” update so I figured, I’d share what’s new that’s been happening in the last couple of weeks! I love the 12+ hour of sunshine we get throughout the day so I try to make of each weekend since my weekdays are so busy with work / blogging events and friends. In addition, plenty of summer activities keep me busy during the weekends, including Summerlicious, and taking advantage of outdoor activities via Groupon!


1. Daily Uniform

It’s been a while since I bought jeans (I kid you not – I live in skirts, shorts, and work pants/trousers) but the recent American Eagle Outfitters sale meant that my favourite pairs are going for less than $30 each. I love the many different styles available, fitting different body heights and shapes. If you’ve not tried American Eagle jeans before, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable they are! So I stocked up on some jeggings, skinnies, shorties and a few other bits for the summer season. My weekend uniform now consists of a casual white/grey tee with a pair of jeans and finished off with a pair of wedge or sandals. It seriously is as comfortable, and stylish as it gets!

2. Jurassic World

There was so much hoopla around the release of the Jurassic World movie – the first movie from the Jurassic franchise in years! I haven’t watched the original in some time (the little girl’s screaming still haunts me!) so I was so excited to see how the new movie was going to go. It broke box office records and recorded amazing box office results in its first weekend so I dragged my friends and siblings to see the movie. Warning – slight spoiler ahead – skip the paragraph if you haven’t seen the movie!

Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment – while the CGI/images were extremely realistic, there was little to be desired in the acting and script. The story line was predictable (you could tell how the movie was going to end 20 minutes into the movie) and I can’t say I’m a fan of the script at all. The acting was lacking and it felt like the actors were just going through the motion. Some of the scenes I simply found to be unrealistic – examples include: Owen (Chris Pratt’s character) conveniently always finding an escape route (motorcycle / car) available or you had Claire running around the jungle / the theme park in a skirt and a pair of high heels, or that she managed to outrun a T-Rex. It’s a good movie to relive the Jurassic Park franchise, and worthwhile seeing with the family but if you are a huge fan of the movies 1-2 that were directed by Steven Spielberg, you will be disappointed with this one.

3. Netflix Binge

Who doesn’t spend their weekends going through Netflix on a movie / documentary binge? I think I’ve gone through a healthy amount of movies on here and as great as it is, I am running out of movies and shows to watch! Friends, I need your help! What are some of your favourite movies / shows / documentaries to watch on Netflix?

4. Latest Beauty Favourites

I would normally reserve this into a separate favourites post, but I figured I would as share here. I have been loving the ClarinsDaily Energizer Wake-Up Booster ($17, available here), a toner that is infused with green coffee and white tea extracts and wakes up your skin in the morning or after you take off your makeup. I like to leave it in the fridge during the day, so that when I come home from work, the cold toner feels so soothing in the summer months!

Since I ran out of the Polysporin and had to mend some cuts, I’ve turned to the La Roche PosayCicaplast (available here), a product I picked up almost a year ago out of curiosity due to high praises I’ve seen for this product online. In short, this product is an anti-bacterial salve to use on flaking/chapped skin from post-cosmetic peels. While this is what the product was primarily marketed to do, I’ve been using this is on minor cuts on the body or leftover scabs and they are healing so nicely and so much faster too!

5. Summerlicious 2015

I am a proud foodie and love the idea of trying out new restaurants and foods when I can. I’ve been enjoying patio fixe-prix menu courtesy of Summerlicious and taking advantage of $18 3-course meals throughout the weekends with friends. I’ve been to Marcel’s Bistro on King Street with its classic French dishes, Destingo, a fantastic Italian spot with tasty Italian treats for the weekends, and Momofuku Noodle Bar the popular ramen bar and sister of David Chang’s hip NYC restaurant.

6. Tiny Sephora Haul

I broke my no-buy this month and ended up picking up the Sephora Favourites KitBronze Bares All ($47). I mostly picked this up for the Becca highlighter, and the Bite Beauty lip pencil but for $47, I couldn’t pass up the chance. Plus, the full-sized items, including a NARS Lipgloss and Urban Decay dual eyeshadow made it worth the splurge!

Now it’s your turn! What have you been up to lately and keeping you busy! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

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