Laura Mercier Artist Palette.

When the Sephora sale section was updated recently, I was thrilled about finding some gems that are now priced at half of what they retailed for when they first came out. I decided to take a peek, and before I knew it, I had already checked out with two lovely items to add to my growing collection, one of which was the Laura MercierArtist Palette ($70, When this product first came out, it was highly rated, and raved about. Soon enough all traces of this disappeared, particularly with its highly coveted status as one of the “must-have” product for the season!

For just about $30, getting this palette was not a difficult decision! It features 8 eyeshadows, 6 matte, and two shimmers, and a blush right in the middle. I can’t even tell out how excited I was when I first saw this product still available a day after the sale page was updated – I checked out at work!


Quality-wise, as one might expect from a brand like Laura Mercier, the eyeshadows are buttery soft, highly pigmented, and easy to blend. The colours are beautifully warm-toned, and perfect for neutral-lovers like myself. The colours are perfect to take your looks from daytime to night-time, all encased in one beautifully put together palette.

As far as I know, all of eyeshadow shades are permanent except for two: Crystal Beige and Taupe. However, both colours are common enough that you will likely already have a dupe from another brand for these. The blush is unique to my collection as I don’t have anything remotely close to this colour – it falls somewhere in between a regular coral shade, and the Jaclyn Hill highlighter, so I almost hesitate calling this a blush. I find it a peculiar colour to include in the palette as the colour is not something I would imagine to be universally wearable.

A lot of you already know how much of a sucker I am for value sets/palette, and one offered at a discount made this a highly coveted product! The eyeshadows were slightly more powdery and prone to fallout that I am used to, however it is a small oversight easily forgiven given the quality of this product and how much it is worth!

Laura Mercier’s eyeshadows have been a pleasantly surprise favourite, and I am really excited to have been able to get my hands on it. Although the colours are easily duped and there are likely plenty of alternatives that you already have in your collection, there’s just something a little bit different about the colours of these Laura Mercier offerings!


L-R: Vanilla Nuts, Stone Taupe, Pewter, Deep Night & Rosegold Shimmer Blush


Topaz, Morning Dew, Cashmere, Crystal Beige

Although I don’t personally think there’s anything massively outstanding about this palette (at least, nothing that you should be bummed about missing!) I highly recommend you checking out this year’s offering if Laura Mercier continues to release similar limited edition offering for the holidays. I never found myself attracted to Laura Mercier’s eye or cheek products (My favourite products from the brand are the Silk Creme Foundation and the Highlighter, both of which remain to be my favourite products and trying this palette was a great introduction to the other products in the range.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried any Laura Mercier eyeshadows? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Share with me comment section or through Twitter or Instagram!

LOVE Laura Mercier shadows. I almost bought this when it was launched by I much preferred the original Artist Palette that has no become permanent and is all shadows.

I think I know the palette you’re referring to – the colours are gorgeous for sure!!

Deep Night is SUPER pretty. I don’t have anything from Laura Mercier…I should fix that but too many products at home!! $30 for that is a SWEET deal!

I agree – it was an insanely good deal considering how highly hyped Laura Mercier’s products tend to me ????

Ooo this looks like it has some really great shades in it, but it’s nice to hear that the palette isn’t anything I should be sad about missing out on because I really don’t need anymore palettes, they’re my weakness!

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