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Adulting is so hard. It takes up so much time, and that is one commodity that I have little of. I’ve always been proud to consider myself someone who is very put-together – I have been booking my own doctors/dentist appointments since I was in high school and consider my finances to be well in order. But guys. Adulting is still really hard work. For me, it’s the process of juggling work, home, finances, blogging and friendship among many other things!

I often write on the blog about how much time I spend at work – 10+ hour work days were quite common throughout 2015. The office was my primary home in 2015 since I spent more than half of my day there, getting things done to hit the deadline. Even if you don’t have these hectic work hours, most Millenials will admit that there are a lot on their plate. Aside from the high level of stress, there’s also constant challenge of fitting enough restful sleep!

When the skin is constantly exposed to stress, externally and internally, the fibroblast (the key cell responsible for restoring the skin health and making it look youthful) is overworked and constantly attacked, resulting in duller complexion, and signs of aging to start appearing.


Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night Cream

The Clarins Multi-Active range was created 30 years ago in 1988, and has been focused on bringing youthful innovations for the 30-something year-olds. Now, in its 5th generation, is the launch of two cream innovations: the Multi-Active Day Cream ($52, available here) and the Multi-Active Night Cream ($56, available here). Clarins chose to use teasel extract for its anti-oxidant and revitalizing properties which acts like an energizing battery on the skin.

The Multi-Active Day Cream ($52, available here) contains myrothamnus, a South African plant that helps absorb the harmful effects of daily stress in addition to the teasel extract. On the other hand, the Multi-Active Night Cream ($55, available here) contains organic California poppy which has a proven ability to compensate the harmful effect from lack of sleep and late nights. The California poppy extract offsets the lowered anti-oxidant defences and boost collagen production.


Multi-Active Day Cream


Multi-Active Night Cream

The Multi-Active Day Cream is available for different skin types including: 1) Cream-Gel for normal to combination skin, 2) Cream for dry skin, and 3) Cream for all skin types. The Multi-Active Night Cream is available for normal-dry skin, and normal-combination skin.

Adults who have successfully adult-ed always say that it’s never too early to start your anti-aging regimen. What better way to start than use this powerful complimentary duo from Clarins?

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