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Hello and welcome! I am a 25-year-old beauty enthusiast - an unconventional geeky girl-next-door with a passion to create and turn visions into reality by day, and your overachiever learner by night.

The Fantasia is a travel and beauty blog run about the latest/greatest in the beauty world. Written by your best friend and friendly girl-next-door neighbour, I hope that the content of this blog will be helpful to you. Stay wholesome, dear readers!

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5 Highlights from Fairytale Turkey (Including 2 Where I Almost Died)

Turkey has been a bucketlist destination for me for years and a recent mistake fare to Dublin turned the dream into reality! Visiting Turkey is one of those “dream come true” moment – it’s been on my bucketlist for the longest time but a series …

Life Lately #18: I Bought a Condo.

The blog has been quiet for months and there’s a good reason for it. Actually, two good reasons for it. Earlier this year, I took on a larger role at work, meaning more hours and just needing to focus on it on the whole. Then, …

MAC x @ALLANARAMAA Influencer Kit

I tend to fall in and out of love my list of YouTubers and so when I do come back to a YouTuber, it means they are a solid go to. In the spirit of women supporting women and also supporting homegrown, Canadian-based YouTuber, I …