• MAC Very Valuable Brush Kit.

    I’m back with another value set review – these are going to start popping up on the blog more and more often since the Fall launches and holiday season are just around the corner. A new one I picked up recently is from MAC – did you guys know they’ve been doing some awesome value sets lately? I used to… Read More »

    MAC Very Valuable Brush Kit.
  • Estee Edit Barest Blush in First Lover.

    I have been on a hunt to find the perfect dupe to my all-time favourite blush of the moment, the Burberry Natural Glow Blush in Earthy Glow. It’s proven to be a massive challenge particularly as most brands don’t really make a nude / taupe-based blush. I’ve been told that the Estee Edit Barest Blush in First Lover ($22, sephora.ca)… Read More »

    Estee Edit Barest Blush in First Lover.
  • Clarins Fall 2017 Makeup Collection | Graphik.

    For those of you who follow beauty news and blogs quite religiously will know that this is the time of the year when things are about to get quite busy. New launches and holiday previews are about to hit us full force so keep get your wishlist and bank account ready! First up, we have the new Clarins Fall 2017… Read More »

    Clarins Fall 2017 Makeup Collection | Graphik.
  • Products that Just Didn’t Work #2.

    I can be the ultimate beauty enabler in my life so it’s very rare that you see a product that I didn’t like on the blog. I’ve spoken a little bit about a few items I didn’t like in only previous two posts, Products that Just Didn’t Work and I’m Just Not That Into You. As a beauty blogger and… Read More »

    Products that Just Didn’t Work #2.
  • Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Review.

    Joining the new colour extension in the Givenchy Le Rouge line up is a limited sub-range called the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt ($45, available here). Combining the flawless formula of the original Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks, and adding the contour shade on the outside to create a natural-looking contouring effect effortlessly. Available exclusively at Sephora starting on August 3, there… Read More »

    Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt Review.

Clarins Ombre Iridescente Review.

Among all of the products that came out from the Clarins Contouring Perfection collection, the one that I’ve been coming back to (and I’m not ashamed to say it’s replaced everything else in my collection) is the Clarins Ombre Iridescente ($26, available here). I can’t get enough of these cream-powder eyeshadow and the subtle upgrade it adds to my daily…

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Travel Map Wall Art | Travel Inspirations.

One of the most overlooked ways of putting together travel-inspired home is by repurposing or using maps. What more obvious icon of travel is there other than maps? There are plenty of Pinterest DIY tutorials, shops that you can purchase select vintage print from, but what if you’re truly looking for a hard-to-find-city, or very unique decor piece in the…

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YOTEL | The Cabin Hotel Experience, Photos and Review.

The latest trend in travelling that you might be hearing about a lot lately has been cabin hotel otherwise known as capsule or pod hotel. First developed in Japan, cabin hotels are starting to become a more permanent fixture in a number of expensive cities and airports around the world to cater to budget travellers and those just passing through…

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MAC Select Anniversary Gift & Program Review.

I received a totally lovely email the other day from MAC which doesn’t happen too often. As I have been a MAC Select member for a year (the program launched last July which I wrote about here!) I was getting rewarded! 2017’s MAC Select anniversary gift is a full-sized Patentpolish ($24, available here) in any shade of your choosing. To…

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Essence Pure Nude Highlighter & Satin Touch Blush.

A trip to Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique to pick up several packages went completely sideways when I spotted a new Essence display complete with their latest launches. I obviously had to check the permanent end-cap to see if they had restocked anything and was pleasantly surprised to find the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter ($5.99, available here) and Satin Touch…

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Buy This Month | July 2017.

I love being the ultimate enabler and sharing my favourite products of the moment with you! I hope you find this “Buy This Month” series useful for your next trip to Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique! If you are keen to see more of my favourite products that I would easily recommend to anyone, head over to the…

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Summer To Do List.

Now that we are officially a little bit over the halfway mark through the year, it’s a good time to put together a to-do list to ensure that the next 6 months are used in the best way possible. I tend to be the kind of person to be incredible productive around the June/July mark – my “New Year’s Resolution”…

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