• Things to do in Lisbon | 3 Days Itinerary for Europe’s Best Kept Secret.

    I’m excited to take you back to my trip to Lisbon, Portugal! Lisbon is one of those cities that you don’t have any expectations for that would end up stealing your heart and taking your breath away. Portugal and Lisbon aren’t like France and Paris to the world – there isn’t a world-famous structure that tourists line up hours for… Read the Post

    Things to do in Lisbon | 3 Days Itinerary for Europe’s Best Kept Secret.
  • Mugler Angel Hair Mist.

    Apparently fragrance-inspired hair mists are now a thing and I can’t decide if this is a company’s attempt to upsell you or a true genius of a product that I’ll be obsessing over in a few month’s time. I had seen some variations of fragrance-inspired hair mists in the past and always dismissed it as being quite silly. If I… Read the Post

    Mugler Angel Hair Mist.
  • The Body Shop Superfood Expert Facial Mask Collection | At Home Facials Treatments.

    When The Body Shop Superfood Expert Facial Mask Collection came out over a year ago, I was feeling pretty makeup-ed out and held off buying new products until late this year. They’re pretty pricey to purchase separately and are almost always excluded from any promotions so there weren’t too many incentives to go out of my way to try them… Read the Post

    The Body Shop Superfood Expert Facial Mask Collection | At Home Facials Treatments.
  • Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

    Qatar is not a destination most would consider being the top of most travellers’ itinerary but my 2012 visit left me with fond memories of a country that’s unlike any other. These days, most people’s associations with Qatar would be the stunning (albeit slightly expected) sanctions and blockades imposed by its immediate neighbours due to its unique foreign policy of… Read the Post

    Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.
  • Things to do in Dubai: Visiting the World’s Largest Malls in Dubai.

    My friends and I wanted to visit the two legendary shopping malls in Dubai, not to do the shopping but to experience the “unique” offerings from each that we’ve heard so much about. Mall of Emirates had an indoor ski slope while Dubai Mall is located right across from the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. A metropolitan city that was… Read the Post

    Things to do in Dubai: Visiting the World’s Largest Malls in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour | An Arabian Adventure through the Desert.

For an authentic Dubai experience, there’s no further place to look other than doing one of the well-known Dubai Desert Safari Tour. If a desert adventure, adrenaline-rush, one-of-a-kind experience and jaw-dropping views are your kind of thing, then this is the perfect full-day itinerary for you. Red sands as far as the eye can see, Bedouin camps dotted all around…

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My Accommodations in Jordan.

Jordan was one of those countries where I got to experience a variety of different accommodations and being the pricey destination that it is, I figured I’d share a bit about the places I’ve stayed at and my experiences at each. I know I’m one who’s always using other bloggers’ recommendations to get a sense of what’s the best value…

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Boxing Day Haul 2017.

I hadn’t planned on doing any shopping for Boxing Day but the weather was quite decent, albeit a little cold, when I made the cold trip to two malls in the hope of picking up some goodies at a great discount. I always think of Boxing Day as a time to pick up things you didn’t get on Christmas and…

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Twenty Eighteen.

It’s kind of exciting to wrap up 2017. It was a strange year – 2016 felt like the world was coming to an end. 2017 felt like some days we were truly heading in that direction whilst other days felt like there’s hope. Maybe I’m just a melodramatic one. Do you feel the same way or am I the only…

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What I Got for Christmas 2017.

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, laughter, and family time! I was deliberating about sharing this post or not but I’ve always been huge fan of watching videos and reading blog posts about “What I got for Christmas” and I love writing what I like to read/see. These videos and posts tend to give…

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Why You Should Get a Jordan Pass (& Why You Should Not).

If you are planning to travel to Jordan, you might come across or heard about the Jordan Pass in your research. I am not one who usually would recommend paying for a one-card deal because typically you end up paying more than you need and there’s no guarantees that VIP lines would be honoured at every attraction/activities. However, upon further…

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Fresh Picture Perfect Mask Set | Last Minute Holiday Gift.

I’ll admit it, it’s about 5 days to Christmas and I have yet to shop for gifts aside from my Secret Santa. I’m usually a little more organized than this but post-vacation me has been feel more lethargic than usual. The Great Boxing Day Scare of 2011 left me terrified of malls during this season so I’ve just been relying…

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