31 Best Free Travel Resources | My Personal List.

It’s been a long-time to-do list item of mine to put together a curated list of my favourite travel resources for you. I had a bit of time during the summer to put this list together and it’s finally complete and ready to share with you! All of these free travel resources are my personal favourites – meaning these are the ones I use, book with, and recommend to friends and family over and over again. I’ve written a mini review of each site I’ve use so you can get a sense of how I use each tool.

Travel-planning can be a bit over-whelming. There’s plenty of different sources and sites to get information from so basically we’re looking at information-overload on so many different level. I hope to add to this list over time, and share more sites as I go. You can always check out my Travel Planning resources and blog posts – you can get a sense of how to travel adventurous, wholesome, and satisfying trips all over the world!

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