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How To Shop Your Stash (Properly).

Blog Announcement × May 29, 2015 × No Comments
It seems incredibly silly to write a “how-to” for shopping your stash when it all really is, is going through your (gargantuan) makeup drawer. I thought it was the logical follow up to an earlier post I wrote about the importance of shopping your stash and I

Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel.

Beauty · Product Reviews × May 27, 2015 × 1 Comment
Sephora’s point perks are my favourites as there tends to be a lot of new products, or products you’ve wanted to purchase in the full-size but haven’t bite yet because it’s a huge commitment. One of my favourite discovery is the Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel ($35, available

Updated Blog Sale.

Blog Announcement × May 24, 2015 × 2 Comments
Hello everyone! I’ve wanted to update my blog sale for some time now but kept putting it off because I have an unnatural attachment to my beauty stash! I’ve decided to put up a good chunk of new items on the blog sale page in hopes that

Voluntouring in Ghana.

Travel × May 24, 2015 × 1 Comment
I wanted to write this post because I never fully shared the personal impact the volunteering trip in Ghana had resulted in. I wrote quite a bit about my daily life, but not so much about the motivation behind my decision. I really hope that you will

Amie Skincare | Flash Review.

Product Reviews × May 21, 2015 × 4 Comments
For a brand who’s name translates to “friend”, you expect all sorts of friendly experiences with the amie skincare range. I wrote an introductory post on amie skincare from a while ago, and figured it was time for a quick update since I’ve started seeing this range