Giveaway | Get Ready for Summer!

You know that I love hosting giveaways because it’s a chance for me to thank my readers. You guys are really a bunch of super awesome, and supportive readers. All of you readers make my “job” as a blogger so much easier and I am very lucky indeed! I love sharing my experiences with you – whether it is through… Read More

3 Bioderma Cleansers to Try.

I love a good cleanse. There’s something so relaxing, therapeutic, and rejuvenating about taking off all that makeup off at the end of the day and feeling the clean skin underneath shine through. A couple of years ago, Bioderma became the “it” product of fancy skincare routines. It changed the way you do your cleansing. And even though it’s a… Read More

Anastasia Contour Kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills was the first brand that introduced us to the contour palettes and it went big really quickly afterwards. I recalled lamenting in the way that only beauty bloggers do when a hyped up product is not to be found about how much I needed this in my life (When really, I don’t). However, a trip to New… Read More

Empties #13 | Used and Tossed.

Although I love the feeling of accomplishment when it comes to actually finishing a product, I rarely get around to writing about what I’ve actually been able to finish. I have so many pictures of empties products that are in my hard drive and I didn’t get around to uploading them when I really should. I really enjoy the incredibly… Read More

Cape Peninsula, Cape Town | Photo Diary.

Out of the three days I was in Cape Town, the one that left me most speechless and humbled by my visit to Cape Peninsula, which is an absolute MUST DO when you are there. Be prepared for the Cape Doctor that will leave you feeling refreshed, and make any photo op result in a significant amount of hair covering… Read More

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation & Dupe.

The minute the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation ($66, available here) hit the market, the beauty world seemed to have lost its mind and it was for a good reason. It was truly one of the very few truly innovative product to hit the market – it was a step up in foundation technology. Giorgio Armani was responsible for introducing… Read More

Always Packed | Updated Travel Makeup Bag.

In between work, blogging and life in general, I try to squeeze in mini-vacations throughout the year. You all know that I do enjoy the occasional adventures abroad, and make a point of leaving home for these trips as often as possible. In the very near future, I will have used up all of my vacation days, and cover 3… Read More