Travel Planning Resources | The Ultimate Library.

Let’s face it, travel planning can be quite daunting. I’ve put together a carefully curated list of free travel planning resources for all types of travellers since it’s been requested for some time and it’s about time I get my resources all in one page!

From figuring out transportation, accommodation, foreign currency, and that’s only after you’ve successfully booked your trip. How do you find good flight deals or sales? What site is best when it comes to safely booking that too-good-to-be-true sale?

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The Free Travel Planning Resources

Travel Planning Resources | The Ultimate Library.

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Transportation Planning

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Travel Points and Miles

Travel Planning Resources | The Ultimate Library.

AwardWalletIf you are a member of multiple airline reward programs, it can be extremely tricky and difficult to keep track of them all. AwardWallet is like a supercharged Excel file – it automatically updates your points information and program status with a click of a button. In order for the program to do this, you have to provide your login information and authorize each account. Once the program is authorized, AwardWallet allows the users to track their frequent flyer miles all in one place which makes it easy to book reward flights.

Travel Planning Resources | The Ultimate Library.

The Points GuyThis blog is run by an expert frequent flyer and miles collector. Through his blog, you can find all sorts of interesting information, hacks and tricks that you can learn to take similar trips. Definitely keep an eye out on his blog for travel deals and the occasional credit card sign-up bonus.

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Travel Planning Resources | The Ultimate Library.

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