7 Best Items to Buy for Travel Bloggers During Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of my favourite days of the year – what better time to indulge myself while saving a ton of money? After a whole year of hard work, it feels totally justified to grab a few deals on things that I would have to pay full price for anyways. Plus, I always feel that Black Friday and Cyber Monday basically kicks off the holiday season as well!

Given the types of products being being promoted during this particular weekend, I feel like travel bloggers benefit most for the items they might want to buy during Black Friday. If you have a friend who’s getting into or who is a blogger, consider this list as an inspiration for a few items to buy for travel bloggers during Black Friday.

FUN FACT: I’ve never ventured into a store since the “Great Black Friday Scare of 2006” – an incident that left scarred for life. That’s a story for another day though.

7 Best Items to Buy for Travel Bloggers During Black Friday.
Personally, I will be investing in a few upgrades, and tools for my travels and blogging. I’m skipping the electronics this year as I feel like I have everything I need at the moment. So here are a few shopping ideas/inspirations for you to shop for the travel bloggers you know in your life! If you are interested in a few of my previous guides, here are a few posts I shared in 2016:

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  3. Black Friday Wishlist.

1. Photography Equipment

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I am both a travel and beauty blogger, so I know how difficult it can be to juggle two different niches, and writing for “almost” two difference audiences. What most people don’t know is that there’s almost twice the amount of photography equipments necessary in the back-end to ensure I am capturing the right moments, and angles to share the story that I mean to.

Black Friday is the best time to purchase any electronics, and equipments you may need. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday or even Christmas, I’ve seen savings up to 40-70% on these items. I always use camelcamelcamel, this incredible free Amazon price tracker which shows you the individual item’s price history and sends you alert as soon as the price goes down to your desired price! Although available only for Amazon prices, you can use it to do price comparison against deals at Walmart, Best Buy Black Friday deals/flyers.

You can find the full list of personal gears I own and use for my travels and beauty blogging below:

Travel Photography Equipment | Staples for Adventurous Travels Abroad.

2. New Blogging Themes

15 Beautiful Premium Feminine Blog Themes To Snag During Black Friday15 Beautiful Premium Feminine Blog Themes To Snag During Black Friday
Once a year I will splurge on a new theme or two for the blog. I currently run two blogs and I always buy at least one during the Black Friday weekend because I always know I will need one during the year. I subscribe to a few favourite designers and tend to purchase based on what’s currently popular. The savings you can expect on new blog themes can be substantial and when you’re running a blog strictly as a hobby, any pennies saved is definitely worth it! Personally, when I see savings between 30-60%, I know I’m getting a great deal!

If you need a few ideas and suggestions for really fantastic feminine blog themes for WordPress, or Blogger/Blogspot, check out my post below!

Behind The Blog | Where To Get Premium Feminine Blog Themes.

7 Best Items to Buy for Travel Bloggers During Black Friday.

3. Blogging Tools Upgrades

Digital products tend to be the best deals to get during Black Friday because it’s instantaneous, there are no shipping fees to worry about and you can pretty much get anything your heart desires! It could be something for your blog, self-improvement, professional development or hobby! There’s a little something for everyone and since we are almost around the time when we’re thinking of New Year’s Resolution and goal-setting for the new year, what better time to kick things off than now?

Behind the Blog | My Must Have Blogging Tools.

4. Courses They’ve Always Wanted to Enroll In

I’m a huge advocate of continuous learning so personally I’m all about improving myself professionally and on the blog. I’ve been enrolling in a few courses myself and I can’t wait to add more to my repertoire! I am hoping that I can take the skills I learn from these courses into potentially new blogs I want to launch or professional work!

If there are any Black Friday deals/sales for the below, I will be sure to update this post and share it with you!

Here are a few courses I enrolled in this last year:

1. Making Sense of Affiliates Marketing

Michelle who blogs over at Making Sense of Cents is a bit of a wonder woman – after paying off $38K in 7 months, she is now a full-time blogger who funds her day-to-day and travel through North America, strictly through her blog! Her blog has been featured on several publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail. As someone who regularly makes $100K/month through affiliate marketing (that’s not a typo by the way!), she knows a thing or two about the business!

I enrolled in Michelle’s course last year. While I’m not ready to leave a job I love in corporate strategy just yet, having a side hustle going provides additional financial security that I would not otherwise have. Her course that is updated every few months, is a good starting point if you are thinking about making a passive income on the side!

Enroll in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

2. Traffic Transformation

Lena who blogs over at What Mommy Does is a former CPA, turned to full-time blogger who’s successfully transformed her mommy blog to become a one-stop shop for stay-at-home Moms. Although I’m not a target audience for her blog, I came across her course and was intrigued by her story and credential as a former CPA. Not that I am a snob but the idea of a blogger who “speaks” the same language and analytics as I do making it work in the world of blogging seems quite promising!
theFantasia Black Friday Deals

In her course, “Traffic Transformation”, Lena shares how she went form 17K page views a month to 400K/month in just 10 months. What’s incredible is that she is more efficient and productive in her blogging activities so there’s a lot of passive work involved here! Her course details 21 methods to increase those page views and she has a few other courses which could be worth checking out too:

Not ready to splurge on the course just yet? No worries, take a look at her FREE Blog Traffic Bonus Guide which includes three practical ways to virtually guarantee more traffic to your blog.

Enroll in Traffic Transformation Course

5. Web Hosting & Domain Name and Other Blogging Add-On’s

The Adult "Back to School" Shopping List.
One of the most popular hosting site out there is Siteground, which is highly rated among bloggers, entrepreneurs, and also a recommended host of choice for those planning to run a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal site. Siteground offers very responsive, and helpful customer service (not something you come across to every day), almost 100% uptime and lightning speed. For those concerned about server downtime, hacking, or disrespectful or silent customer service, Siteground is known in the industry for being one of the safest and incredibly helpful tech team – one of the most beginner friendly host out there.

If you are serious about blogging, this is the time to get started! You can get online in minutes, have an incredible tech support team available 24/7 and have a site that’s secure and up for 99.9% of the time! For those who are more of an experienced blogger and needs something more, Siteground is a host recommended by WordPress.org!

Oh, in case you are also wondering, you get: a free domain name, and free website transfer! That way you can enjoy your holidays and not worry about your blog

Siteground has 3 basic plans to help you get started which is clearly outlined on their page. They are one of the more expensive hosting provider out there with their cheapest plan running at $10/month (after the 1-year promotional price expires), however you definitely get what you pay for – you can expect quality hosting service and customer support.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal: Take 70% off all hosting plans! Start a blog or a website for only $2.95/month.

Start a blog for only $3/month (And FREE DOMAIN NAME!)

6. Travel Equipment Staples

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”2803897″] [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2781140″][show_shopthepost_widget id=”2780641″][show_shopthepost_widget id=”2780645″]
Any travel blogger will appreciate having a brand new backup of their favourite products. Whether it be to replace an aging, “seen-better-days” backpacks, or finally being able to take those long-exposure shots with a travel tripod, a travel blogger will love you for your thoughtfulness!

4 Active Footwear Must-Have for Any Adventurous Travellers.

7. Subscriptions to Make Their Travel Life Easier!

If your travel blogger friend a huge fan of Lonely Planet ebooks? Do they devour photography magazines like there’s no tomorrow? Do they need travel insurance for their upcoming trip? Do they need something to keep track of all their travel miles?

I personally have paid all of these services out of pocket, but it doesn’t hurt if I get these as a gift! Think of it as getting a Netflix subscription for your loved one!

I personally use AwardWallet to keep track of all of my miles, and it keeps tracks not only of all the airline loyalty programs I’m in but also of expiry dates and current status!

World Nomads is my travel insurance of choice. Every time i am travelling for more than 3 days, I make sure to get additional coverage, particularly because World Nomads provide coverage for my belongings as well (up to $3000). Although I pray that nothing gets damaged or stolen during my trip, it doesn’t hurt to have the additional protection!

What are on your travel blogger shopping list for Black Friday?

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