Postcard From | Florence.

My visit to Florence last year was a quick one but it didn’t stop Florence from being my favourite destinations given how relaxed and laid back the city felt. Rome may be the tourist hotspot, but Florence has an abundance of charms that would be a shame to miss.

Florence is one of the most walkable cities I’ve ever been to – the main attractions in the city are clustered very closely together that it’s not even worth the effort to get on a bus and out as it would mean spending more time waiting for and sitting on the bus!

From walking alongside the Arno River, passing by Ponte Vecchio, and watching the sun set from Piazza del Michelangelo, Florence is one of a magical city! The good news is that the city is safe to travel to on your own, and is much more budget-friendly than the tourist hotspot, Rome! Direct flights from Toronto range from $750+ – it’s not as cheap as flying into a major hub (i.e. Milan which is serviced by Delta/Alitalia or Rome) so it’s always an option to bundle up your trip with other cities (major hubs) to get the most bang for your buck!

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1/2/3. Walking by the Arno River and Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in the evening. 4/5. The Ponte Vecchio. 6. Walking along the Arno river. 7-13. Views of the city from the Piazzale Michelangelo. 14/15. Trying out the “Lampredotto” which is a cow stomach sandwich. 16/17. Walking back to the city with Ponte Vecchio behind me. 18. All lit up during the night!

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