Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish.

Some of you already know that Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish ($2.99, available here) is one of my favourite drugstore products. I’ve tried out several shades before and I’ve been impressed over and over again by the formula. Four new shades are joining the permanent collection in the spring. Keep reading to read more about the formula and what I think of them!

It’s been a while since I last got excited about a nail polish formula. Most don’t even make it on the blog as they don’t live up to my expectations one way or another. The first time I tried this formula was completely on a whim and I saw a colour that I figured was going to wear really well for the season!

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish

The Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish is one of the best quality formula in the drugstore and wears just as beautifully as my high end nail polish brands. The formula dries quickly, very pigmented, and the brush ensures even and quick application. One stroke creates an opaque finish, whilst two coats ensures a finish that will impress anyone when you tell them it only set you back a few bucks.

There’s a really good colour selection in this range, and I find the colours are fairly unique. There is a lilac shade that I really like but it’s more grey-lilac rather than a true lilac shade. Across the colours that I have (I have about 7 of them in my collection), the quality is consistently top notch and I haven’t had any issues any of the colours. Even before a top coat is applied, the nail polish has that glossy finish you’d associate with gel polishes without the price tag!

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish.

The nail polish wears well, but I’ve found it to chip at the 48 hour mark which is mostly because I do a lot of dishes, and cooking at home. I think if you’re someone who doesn’t do that much in a day, this could last beyond 2 days.

I like pairing this nail polish with the Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat & Gel Top Coat which also retail for less than $5 a piece but have been my go-to and favourite picks from the drugstore.

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish.

Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish.

Wearing #83 Pretty Cool Life

The four new colours joining the Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish range includes a coral shade perfect for the spring weather, a baby pink for everyday, a light neutral army green shade perfect for rocking the 2017 colour of the year, and a shimmery pink to add a bit of something something to your final look.

  1. #82 My Hula Hoop
  2. #75 Perfect Match
  3. #83 Pretty Cool Life
  4. #86 My Sparkling Darling

Although I wished the formula didn’t chip as easily, these polishes are a great value for what it offers. The awesome colour selection, opaque and glossy formula, these are some of the best beauty finds I’ve seen in a while. These are worth checking out even if you only try one or two colours.

What do you think of the Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish? Have you tried it?

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