Essence Beauty Beats Blush – Groupie at Heart | Review.

Essence Cosmetics is a budget European brand that I absolutely adore because they make decent quality products. For me, most of their products have been hits or at least worth it for the price you pay. The brand is quite similar to “ELF Cosmetics” which I’m sure most of us are quite familiar with, but for me Essence Cosmetics has better quality products, and more variety. Some time ago, the brand collaborated with the Canadian singer resulting in a limited edition collection of bright, and colourful beauty products. Although the collection is limited edition, I still see full displays at a number of Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique which I think is attributed to the fact that it is always below eye level.


Bottom Line [4/5]: Inexpensive, intense pigmentation/lasting power and great quality for the price!

P.S – A lot of Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique have these for $1 or $2 now as they are trying to clear out shelf space for new collections. They can be found in the beauty bins by the checkout (the cashier for the cosmetic/beauty section), so you can save a little bit more money!


The Essence Beauty Beats Blush – Groupie at Heart ($2.99) is the only blush in the entire collection which features items such as highlighters, nail polishes and eyeshadows. The product is encased in a plastic compact (which is unfortunately not sealed, so you just have to check your blush to make sure that the product has not been touched/swatched) with a clear lid so it’s really easy to see the colour inside. The powder itself is embossed with the word “boyfriend” which I assume is a reference to the popular song from the singer’s album.

The shade itself is a cool-toned rosé shade which looks incredibly intimidating as I don’t normally reach for bright cheek products. I was initially skeptical about how pigmented the product would be as I’ve been fooled over and over again by drugstore products that seemed promising but failed to live up to its claims. I am pleased to report that this shade is packed with pigmentation and a really, really light hand will deposit the right amount of product without overdoing it. The result is a lovely, almost dewy flush that looks very natural. It’s very easy to over-do it with this blush and end up with some major clown cheeks, but brushes like the Real Techniques Duo Fibre powder brush is my favourite tool to apply the product with.


At $2.99, I definitely did not find any fault with the product aside from the lack of plastic seal (I mean, it can’t be that expensive right?) It’s overrated to say this, but I think this blush is not something I can ever finish judging by how little of the product I use.

Overall, I highly recommended this blush! Great pigmentation, lasting power, and I am loving how it looks on me 🙂 At $2.99 for 5gr (that’s a LOT of product by the beauty world standard – larger than a NARS blush which has 4.5g and this blush is the same size as a MAC Blush) it’s not much to lose but there’s a lot to gain if you end up liking it!

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