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If you give me the option of staying in bed for another 10 minutes vs. getting ready, the former will always win no matter what. Those ten minutes is the difference between me waking up looking like a million bucks or waking up feeling like insufficient funds. Sometimes it gets so bad that my parents have stopped asking me how work went, because they can now use my eye bags to tell whether I’ve had a great week or a really bad week.

Canadian makeup company, SST Cosmetics (based in Saskatchewan) has come up with a way to give me that extra 10 minutes through their range of 5 POWERPLAY POWERSTAY pencils for your lips, eyes, eyebrows and highlights. The idea of pencil makeup routine is still quite new, and aside from very few names in the industry, makeup is treated like a well-cherished ritual. Most days, I like to take my time with makeup, but some days, well, let’s just say, I’m one of those people that apply mascara when the lights are red.

All Powerplay Powerstay Pencil products retail for $27.95 and can be purchased online; the range is completely chemical-, gluten- and cruelty-free. It is also available for purchase and used in salons across Canada.


SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay Pencil


SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay Pencil


SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay Pencil

The 5 POWERPLAY POWERSTAY pencils are long-wear pencils for the eyes, lips, brows and face. The idea with the SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay Pencil is you should be able to minimize the number of products needed in the morning to just five. The unique pencil format means that the product is easy to slip into your bag, or pack for travel with minimal risk of spillage or mess. The five colours that are part of the series consist of:

  1. Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Plank (Black shadow stick)
  2. Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Glisten (Highlighting stick)
  3. Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Stickform (Brow pencil)
  4. Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Willpower (Red berry lipstick)
  5. Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Euphoric (Blue-toned pink lipstick)

The convenience of carrying a pencil stick for most of my makeup application means that there’s less bulk in your makeup bag. I like having these pencils for my gym makeup bag as they are so convenient to have to touch up after shower.


Powerplay Powerstay Pencil in Glisten // Stickform // Plank // Willpower // Euphoric

Each colour has an almost opaque colour payoff from the first swipe. The black pencil stick “Plank” and both lipsticks “Willpower” and “Euphoric” have creamy textures that felt comfortable on the skin. Sometimes black eyeshadow/eyeliner pencil can require extra swipes to get the opacity and intensity in the pencil, and Plank certainly delivers. The two lipsticks are beautiful bold shades that complements many skintones, though not the most hydrating nor nourishing formula for the lips. Although they were not extremely drying, and had a lovely satin finish, it wasn’t the most impressive lip formula’s I’ve tried. It would still be really awesome if they can expand the lip colour range to include a few nudes as well.

The “Stickform” brow pencil is my favourite of the bunch – you can tell there’s a bit more stickiness from the wax and it’s the one that I used most. Although the shade isn’t a perfect match to my dark brow hairs, it’s a great starting base for powder-based brow colours.

“Glisten”, the highlighting stick is one that I have a bit of a love and hate relationship with. While it was the colour I was most excited for but also the one that disappointed me the most. The colour is a cool-toned, shimmery-silver white, more suitable as an eyeshadow rather than a highlight for the face. On the face, I feel like the colour should be more of a subtle champagne or rose-gold to be as close to the skintone as possible. This stark silvery-white shade is just the complete opposite – although that means you can get away from using too much, the colour still doesn’t look right on the face.


On the image shots above, I wore the lipstick shades “Willpower” on the left hand side, and “Euphoric” on the right. To the left of the white line I drew above is also where I applied the “Glisten” highlighter, on the inner corner of the eye, the bridge of my nose, and over the cupid’s bow. As you can tell, the colour does not look natural or close enough to the skintone applied on the face, although it looks incredible as an inner-corner highlight.

I think it would be really awesome to see more face products from the brand given how much hype there are around the contouring and strobing techniques we’ve seen this past year! It would also be really awesome to have concealer or foundation type of stick for touch-ups on the go!

What do you think of the SST Cosmetics Powerplay Powerstay Pencil collection? Which ones would you try first?

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